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There are sharks in the Thames Bloomberg

Queen Hibbing London Review of Books

It’s not all in your mind the first thing

Emerson did not practice the self-reliance he preached Atlantic

Life full of death beside

#Coronavirus disease

This Thanksgiving, the mask is taken off, the dinner is inside, and the relatives are back. Wall Street Journal

Oklahoma State Guard refuses to accept COVID vaccine authorization after sudden change of command Air Force Times

“They see us as enemies”: School nurses fight against Covid-19, angry parents now

Disaster mirror Intercept

As the U.S. races to vaccinate children with Covid-19, some countries are backing down Wall Street Journal


Why has Europe returned to the dark age of Covid? guardian

Anti-Vaxxers and politicians push Germany to the edge Mirror

With the surge in cases of new coronary pneumonia, the health ministers of the German states call for an extension of the state of emergency Reuters

New variants of COVID discovered in France: the cause of the panic is still not there yet? Jerusalem post


Bharat’s defense of Covaxin undermined WHO’s approval electric wire

Covaxin has an effective rate of 77.8% in symptomatic cases, showing data from phase 3 trials: The Lancet Study scroll

COP26/climate change

COP26 latest news: India and China boycott fossil fuels at the last minute Financial Times

“We are still knocking on the door to climate disaster”: Nearly 200 countries on COP26 have “gradually reduced” instead of “phasing out” coal power in the coal compromise promoted by India, which is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions Daily mail

Without coal, what would the development path of cement, steel, steel and Asia look like? diplomat

Scientists pour cold water on Bill Gates’ nuclear program German wave

What are the results of the COP26 climate summit? Al Jazeera

With the COP26 overtime, the draft agreement was condemned as “clear betrayal by the rich” Common dream

COP26 agrees to an agreement aimed at avoiding climate catastrophe, after the later drama Reuters

COP26: Fragile countries call climate loss and damage trading “minimum” electric wire

COP26: As the world approaches climate “disaster”, “nonsense, nonsense, nonsense” German wave

Iqaluit: No clean water for a month in northern Canada British Broadcasting Corporation

New York State of Mind

Photo: The 2021 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree has arrived Gotham Pie

The first New York City canopy study shows that as storms and budget cuts threaten revenue growth city

Venture-backed grocery delivery app snapped up closed retail locations from Brooklyn to Bronx Brownstone

health care

Will California succeed in single-payer healthcare? Capital & Main

College Lin

Conservative Casablanca Project syndicate. James Galbraith.

Texas natural gas customers are trapped in a $3.4 billion cooling surcharge Ars Technica

Class struggle

The union reached a preliminary agreement to avoid a permanent strike by Caesars Medical diving

Decades of tolerance for tax fraud in the EU Mirror

Fierce bidding war erupts in second-hand tractor auctions across the U.S. Yahoo Finance

How Buffalo News helped socialists stay away from City Hall Fair

Buffalo’s establishment of the Democratic Party is not affected by the destruction of the party’s mayoral nominee The truth is revealed

He demolished motels where poor residents lived during the housing crisis. The city leaders did nothing. Public Broadcasting Corporation

Why did Columbia University graduate students like me go on strike Jacobin


Fighting between Ecuadorian prison gangs killed at least 68 prisoners Associated Press

Supply chain crisis

Too big to sail: how the legal revolution blocked our harbor Big. Matt Stoller.

Biden Administration

Ron Klain’s retweeted tweet prompts the court to slam the brakes on the Biden vaccine authorization New York Post

The FBI’s raid on the home of the founder of Project Veritas raises questions about freedom of the press politics

Biden appoints Califf as the head of the FDA-this is an agency where he has a lot of unfinished business statistics

Due to Biden’s uncertain future, Harris and Buttigieg became the focus of the spotlight Wabo

The main driver of inflation is a ferocious lunatic in Riyadh Intercept

As the U.S. falls apart, profits soar Traditional knowledge news. Matt Tybee.


Biden must stop supporting the responsible governance strategy of the old guards of Haiti

Jeffrey Epstein Incident

Exclusive: Gislain Maxwell speaks in prison for the first time in the Sunday Mail: The heiress tells how the “creepy” guards forced her to stop bathing, the rat lives in her cell, and why she has no hope of getting it Fair trial Daily mail


During Modi’s seven years in power, India’s proud democratic traditions collapsed scroll

Congress accuses Facebook of prejudice against BJP and calls for a joint parliamentary investigation electric wire

Five years after the abolition of monetization, SC still has to set up a seat to hear petitions that challenge it scroll

Stolen gods and goddesses from India diplomat

Delhi-NCR AQI is serious, no respite: desperate measures India Express

Due to the shortage of MGNREGS funds, unpaid wages pile up Indian consumption

The new big game between the Caucasus and Central Asia Asia Times Pepe Escobar


“Pakistan is actively considering the transfer of Indian aid to Afghanistan”: Imran Khan electric wire

The Forty Years’ War: Tariq Ali and Afghanistan Counterattack


Xi Jinping will make a call to boycott the Winter Olympics in Taiwan and Beijing at a virtual summit with Joe Biden South China Morning Post

China and the United States: Collision or Cooperation? American Conservative Party. Pat Buchanan.

The National Cyberspace Administration of China intends to stipulate that biometric technologies such as face, gait, and fingerprints shall not be used as the only personal identity authentication method What to read in China

How to avoid nuclear war War on the rock

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