Between the city and the Holy See

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London’s status as the world’s financial services capital was severely damaged by Britain’s departure from the European Union. But that is the past.This newsletter is concerned about futureThis week, New York City bankers can get a glimpse of the government’s vision for this.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will deliver an annual speech at the building on Monday, addressing the newly appointed Mayor of London, which is his official residence.

Does the UK financial services industry’s answer lie in Embrace the green movement Or transform the city Regulation, like Listing Rules? It may be a mixture of them. Or Johnson may return to one of his current pastimes: Bashing big companies.

In other world news, please note the resumption of the landmark Vatican trial on alleged corruption on Wednesday, which revolved around the purchase of a commercial and residential building in South Kensington, London by the Secretariat of State of the Holy See. The Financial Times drew this story and produced it this week This insightful video Let you keep up with the progress.

Thank you for sending your email about The Week Ahead-send to [email protected]We listened, and that’s why this week-at the suggestion of several readers who read the economic report before the company preview, we changed the order slightly.

Economic data

Before Boris’s speech in front of the City’s corporate executives on Monday, Westminster politicians will cross-examine the Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey and other members of the Monetary Policy Committee when they appear before the Treasury Committee. .

MPs will wonder why the MPC did not vote to raise the benchmark interest rate in response to rising inflation in the UK Previous suggestion An action is imminent.

With the release of the IHS Markit Purchasing Manager Survey on Monday, we will better understand the relative recovery of the world’s major economies.

We will also obtain quarterly GDP estimates and inflation data through data from Japan, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and other reports. If you want to learn more about inflation and why central bankers may need to change their views, Read this version Robert Armstrong’s Unhedged newsletter.


We are about to usher in the end of the earnings season, so there are fewer large companies reporting this week.

Vodafone investors will assess the telecom group’s post-pandemic growth prospects when it announces its interim results on Tuesday.Vodafone has been busy trading in the UK Expand its broadband footprint In the domestic market, and Transfers its majority stake in Vodafone Egypt to Vodacom Group Co., Ltd., Its Sub-Saharan Africa subsidiary, increased its ownership of Vodacom from 60.5% to 65%.

Other factors are beneficial to Vodafone. The return of international travel and the general increase in commercial activities should help increase mobile phone usage, although this is affected by the weakening of consumers’ purchasing power.

Major economic and company reports

Below is a more complete list of company reports and economic data this week.

on Monday

  • Canada, monthly manufacturing survey and wholesale trade data

  • China, monthly retail sales and industrial production data

  • China, Europe, France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States: IHS Markit business outlook data

  • Monthly merchandise trade data from the European Union and Eurostat

  • Japan, monthly industrial production and quarterly GDP data

  • Nigeria, inflation data

  • United Kingdom, London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Rightmove announced the voluntary real living wage rate monthly house price index

  • result: Logitech Q2


  • EU, preliminary GDP estimates and employment data

  • France, inflation data

  • International Energy Agency’s Monthly Oil Market Report

  • Italy, consumer price index data

  • UK, labor market data and productivity estimates

  • United States, retail sales and production data, plus import and export price index

  • result: Bouygues Q3, The Home Depot Q3, Empire Brand Wind and cloud, Land security H1, Vodafone H1, Walmart Q3


  • Canada, CPI data

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia First quarter transaction update

  • Inflation data from the European Union and Eurostat

  • UK, producer price index and CPI data, and house price data

  • United States, residential building figures

  • result: British land H1, Cisco System the first season, Experian H1, Lowe Q3, Manchester United Wind and cloud, Nvidia Q3, Sage Group Wind and cloud, Shanghai Stock Exchange H1, Target Q3


  • Japan, inflation rate data

  • Comparison of all-cause mortality in the UK and ONS European countries and regions, as well as commercial demographic data

  • result: Daily Mail and General Trust Wind and cloud, ThyssenKrupp Wind and cloud, State Grid H1, National Building Association H1, Royal Mail H1


  • Canada, monthly retail sales data

  • France, quarterly employment data

  • Germany, monthly PPI data

  • FTSE Group announces quarterly changes in its stock index companies

  • UK, ONS consumer confidence, retail sales and public sector financial data

World events

Finally, here is a summary of other events and milestones this week.

on Monday

  • The International Atomic Energy Agency’s Board of Governors meets in Vienna

  • United Kingdom, Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey and other members of the bank’s MPC provide evidence to the Parliamentary Finance Committee

  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson addresses business leaders at the annual city banquet held in the London Tower

  • US President Joe Biden presided over the signing ceremony of the bipartisan bill for his infrastructure transaction (Infrastructure Investment and Employment Act)


  • Denmark holds local elections

  • The McGraw Collection, which is said to be the most expensive art collection ever auctioned off, came to a close at the Sotheby’s auction in New York.


  • Czech Republic, Slovakia: The anniversary of the Velvet Revolution is widely regarded as a turning point that led to the collapse of communist regimes in Eastern Europe

  • The Vatican continues to try 10 people accused of financial crimes, including Cardinal Angelo Becky.The core of the case is a real estate transaction conducted by the Vatican State Secretariat in London’s wealthy South Kensington.





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