Link 11/13/21 | Naked Capitalism

Link 11/13/21 | Naked Capitalism


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Cats can track your “invisible existence” only with their ears CNN (Jim D)

Evolutionary quirks that allow Antarctic icefish to survive in extreme cold Atlas Obscura (Chuck L)

An astronomer canceled his own research-because the results were not welcome Quillette (Chuck L)

Simple, low-cost, large-capacity distiller uses solar energy to remove salt from seawater The bright side (David L)

Africa’s “Great Green Wall” shifts focus to block the desert Associated Press (David L)

How the Upgrade of Calculus Brings Mathematics into Uncharted Territoriesy New Scientist (Dr. Kevin)

Veterans are unlikely to be lobbyists pushing for the legalization of psychedelic drugs New York Times (resilc)

Research finds that using mechanical tools can improve our language skills Science Daily (Kevin W)

Meta-analysis shows that the emotional intelligence of college students is declining PsyPost (Chuck L)

#Coronavirus disease


After Johnson & Johnson, more people “mixed and matched” with Pfizer or Hyundai boosters NBC (furry)


China’s top disease experts lay the groundwork for post-pandemic normalcy South China Morning Post. From the subheading: “…the epidemic prevention and control will not slack.”

The nightmare of testing positive after arriving in Thailand Comments (Furry)


As the virus surges, Norway will restore national measures Barron (J-LS). We predict that when Norway enters “mission completion” mode, they will have to roll it back.

COVID-19 is once again the epicenter: Europe faces a new settlement Reuters (J-LS). Remember that the United States has opened up international travel to people who are fully vaccinated…Although the current Covid vaccine has little effect on preventing spread, as evidenced by the surge in countries and counties with very high vaccination rates, and vaccination and There is a lack of correlation between Covid cases at the level of the case.

As Covid cases hit a new high, the Netherlands takes lockdown measures Guardian (Kevin W)

Disease Center urges Germans to cancel or avoid large-scale events Associated Press (J-LS)


The Federal Court of Appeals suspends the Biden administration’s vaccine request, causing a major blow to policy Washington Post (J-LS)

“They tell you what you want to hear”: The person who bought the fake vaccine card was also deceived Guardian (resilient)

The study found that in most parts of the United States, virtual schools did not reduce the COVID-19 case rate in surrounding communities MedicalXPress (Robert M). Including simply because even if it is true, it is no longer relevant. The research period before Delta became dominant.

COP26/climate change

Climate Change and the Sino-U.S. Cold War Project Syndicate

This 1985 Carl Sagan warning of climate change in Congress is worth watching in 2021 Digg (David L)


China’s global vocational college network training world Diplomat (resilc). “Whoever controls our children’s education will control the future.”


Delhi Pollution: Studies have shown that car exhaust contributes the most to urban pollution scroll


Brexit: The UK may trigger Article 16-and then? BBC (Kevin W)

Article 16: Threats, Retaliation, Risks Tony Connery, RTE

Welcome to Brexit 2.0 Chris Gray

Exclusive: Jeffrey Cox opposed the tax haven crackdown after earning £220,000 from a Cayman Islands law firm Mirror

New cold war

Belarus and the immigration gap Irrusianality (Chuck L)


Iran-backed Houthi forces breached the compound of the U.S. Embassy in Sana’a, Yemen Washington Post (resilc)

The new big game between the Caucasus and Central Asia Asia Times (Chuck L)

Big brother is watching you

Protecting your digital life, part one: the basics ars technica (David L)

Empire Folding Watch

How does Taiwan underwrite the U.S. defense industrial complex Diplomat (resilc)


How many wars does Joe Biden want to fight? 19 forty-five (resilc)

Joe Manchin wants to destroy the $12,500 electric car tax credit Gizmodo (Kevin W)

Cuomo argues with investigators about the meaning of “girlfriend”, “dating” and “butt” city


Where gun shops opened, gun homicides increased Scientific american

Our famous free media

Long overdue:’The Washington Post corrected the article on the Steele archives Washington post

Metaverse: The inventor of augmented reality warns that it may be much worse than social media Big Thinking (David L)

supply chain

Walmart, Amazon, and other large retailers keep small businesses out of the increasingly fierce supply chain wars Washington Post (resilc)

With the advent of hackers, the supply chain faces more troubles haven

Sorry kids, there is a shortage of Santa Claus Boing Boing (resilc)

Johnson & Johnson will split into two companies New York Times (Kevin W)

Has anyone asked whether the huge increase in the defense budget has been “paid”? Responsible governance strategy (resilc)

Epstein Case

Ghislaine Maxwell met her judgment on Monday: the hot lawyer who defeated El Chapo, the defense expert who claimed that the “victim” had false memory syndrome, and a big question: Will she implicate Prince Andrew? Daily Mail (J-LS)

According to reports, Jess Starley exchanged 1,200 emails with Jeffrey Epstein in four years Guardian (Kevin W)


Calpers proposes to add $25 billion to private equity investment Bloomberg

CalPERS is ready to resolve discount rates and SAA Top 100 Funds

CalPERS IC is not satisfied with the consultant’s performance: survey Fin-News (Kevin W)

Guillotine watch

The tech tycoon in Blue Origin space with William Shatner died in an air crash Guardian (resilient)

Class struggle

Yemenis in Brooklyn recycle high-end coffee New York Times (resilc)

Amazon sued for a car accident caused by a driver rushing to deliver goods Bloomberg (J-LS)

Now the Republican Party is coming for the John Deere workers Vice (flexible)

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