Link 11/12/2021 | Naked Capitalism

Link 11/12/2021 | Naked Capitalism



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You can’t avoid your cat, so don’t try Living science

The man who claimed he had traded his wife’s “aggressive” cat for a friendlier-looking cat while his wife was away revealed that he had been plagued by guilt for six years-critics claim this is a crime worthy of a divorce Daily mail

Wages are rising, but they are not pushing up inflation Bloomberg


The thawing of climate change in China and the United States changed the atmosphere of COP26 Financial Times

COP26: Climate Group welcomes U.S. and China pledges Consortium News

China Briefing, November 11, 2021: US-China Glasgow Declaration; Call for “Concrete Actions”; Xi Jinping’s Absence of COP26 Introduction to Carbon Fiber

Global emissions have risen to pre-COVID levels Scientific american

#Coronavirus disease

How SARS-CoV-2 in the U.S. Deer Changed the Course of the Global Pandemic NPR (Re Silc).

Massachusetts expands the clinical impact, cost, and cost-effectiveness of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 testing Clinical infectious diseases. Conclusion: “Compared to testing only those with symptoms that require hospitalization, testing for people with any consistent symptoms of COVID-19 will save costs. Expanding PCR testing to asymptomatic people will reduce infections, deaths, and hospitalizations. Despite sensitivity Moderate, but in all epidemic settings, low-cost, repeated screening of the entire population may be cost-effective.” Editorial is here.

Is the long-term COVID even real? Medical landscape.criticize This JAMA study exist November 10th link. As marked. There is a problem with the serology. The author concludes:

To be honest, I am a little frustrated with the way we are dealing with the long-term COVID. The case definition is terrible, our diagnostic test is zero, and a paper like this may be used to prove that it is not even a real problem. The fact is that long-term COVID definitely exists; I know many patients and friends who are not dying from the new coronary pneumonia, but they have long-term, lingering symptoms of weakness. But we don’t know how common it is. We need to realize that vague symptoms can lead to vague diagnosis-if there is no clearer standard, we may label a group of people as “long-term COVID”, which is not what they have at all. This is not good for everyone, because it makes it more difficult to make progress on this disease…whatever it is.

* * *

Using high-power air sampler to study airborne SARS-CoV-2 in home and hospital environments Journal of Hospital Infection. It is constructed from a “household vacuum cleaner with a surgical mask as a sample filter”.

Pandemic has censored “outdated” infection control practices U.S. News. Ouch!

* * *

26 days Christopher Woodworking

CDC has not updated the COVID Vax breakthrough data Medical Today Edition


China’s economic recovery will further slow down, supply and demand “the worst moment has yet to come” South China Morning Post

The development of Chinese medicine in Africa threatens wildlife Al Jazeera (dk).

China’s latest travel boom: bright pink convertible Sixth Tone

Can Taiwan show China that it is a “porcupine”? Foreign policy

Extending Intel Sharing to Asia Nikkei Asia. “The U.S. lawmakers propose to include Japan, South Korea, India and Germany [Five Eyes]. “


The UN Security Council expresses “deep concern” over the deterioration of violence in Myanmar The Irrawaddy. NUG’s response:

Bertil Lintner, “Myanmar Wa State and China’s Pursuit of Global Dominance” (NIAS Press, 2021) (Podcast) Southeast Asian Studies. The title seems a bit overheated. But: “Who is the Wa ethnic group in Myanmar, and how did they build an army in three years that is now the largest non-state military actor in the Asia-Pacific region?”

Rare earth metals used in electric vehicles may come from mines controlled by the Myanmar military government Myanmar now. dysprosium. “In recent years, the Chinese government has restricted domestic mining of heavy rare earths because of its serious pollution. As a result, most of the mining activities have moved across the border to Myanmar, where there is less supervision.” If it is true, it is so big.

Indonesia recruits farmers and teachers to fight anti-palm oil sentiment Reuters

The train driver sued JR West, demanding that 56 yen be deducted within one minute of the delay Japan Today


Arcane, hereditary, all-male-also the core of British democracy Financial Times Music episode.


Debunking myths about Nicaragua’s 2021 elections under the attack of the US/EU/OAS Grey area

Haiti lacks water: “We pray for rain every day” British Broadcasting Corporation

Bolsonaro’s links with Trump threaten Brazil’s elections The New York Times But come on: Vladimir Safetel: There is no election in 2018, and relying on the United States is suicide. Brazil line

Biden Administration

In infrastructure, follow the money politics

Biden attracts progressives by promising that the next invasion will be 100% carbon neutral Hunter

Judge orders the arrest of the chief executive of Puerto Rico Electric Company now

SoFi CEO: “Our student loan business has been reduced by more than half after the federal payment suspension” Yahoo Finance. That’s a damn shame.

supply chain

Despite Biden’s 24/7 timetable and imminent fines, a record 111 container ships are still floating in California’s busiest port Greece shipping news

Democratic Party Disabled

Have the Democrats reached the limits of white appeasement politics? Wabo


The Supreme Court’s latest gun case mocks originalism salon

Some gun owners think it can solve the problem of gun violence in the U.S. ABC

Our famous free media

How Buffalo News helped socialists stay away from City Hall Fair

College Lin

“Where’s the rest?” Yale University’s president stood screaming amidst the wavering alumni fundraiser onion. You know, those administrators will not pay for themselves. Wait a moment….

Veterans Day

Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton urge Americans to support the National Medal of Honor Museum in the new PSA CNN

Watch: Armistice ceremony returns to normal after COVID interruption European News

Francisco Goya The catastrophe of war, Plate 71:

Empire Folding Watch

Fiona Hill: The United States is the “Canary in the Coal Mine” of the Decline of Democracy Foreign policy. The Brookings Institution must be the Brookings Institution.

Finally, settle in Flynn Brokovic Report

Class struggle

Cargill union strike plan endangers 40% of Canada’s beef supply Bloomberg

“We will never be in this position again”: The striker Deere workers insist on fighting for a better deal Labor notes

American judge put my life in danger Sara Nelson, now

Yuval Noah Harari believes this simple story can save the planet New York Times. The symbol manipulator must perform symbol manipulation.

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