Forte completes US$725 million in Series B financing for its interoperable blockchain gaming platform »CryptoNinjas

Forte completes US$725 million in Series B financing for its interoperable blockchain gaming platform »CryptoNinjas



Forte, supplier Blockchain solutions for game publishers, Announced today that it raised another $725 million at the end of its Series B financing.

The B round of financing was led by Sea Capital and Kora Management, and received further support and funding from game and media publishers, including Animoca Brands, Big Bets (Huuuge Games), Overwolf, Playstudios, Warner Music Group, zVentures (Razer ) And blockchain partners Cosmos, Polygon Studios and Solana Ventures, as well as investors including Griffin Gaming Partners, a16z and Tiger Global.

The Forte platform allows game publishers to easily integrate blockchain technology into their games, enabling seamless, embeddable token wallets, non-fungible tokens (NFT) minting and sales, payment tracks, and other specific blocks Chain token economy and management of digital and virtual assets.

In blockchain-based games, players can truly own goods instead of pure entertainment expenses…

Players around the world can freely trade goods and services with each other, and can participate in a community economy that rewards creativity, collaboration, and skills. These new systems provide new creative and economic opportunities for gamers and communities around the world.

In order to protect the business and intellectual property rights of players and publishers, the Forte platform provides a global framework for regulated activities, including remittances, anti-money laundering, tax compliance and intellectual property protection. Another unique advantage Forte brings to publishers is its customizability and interoperability with multiple blockchains.

Many Forte partners start with Forte, introduce NFTs and other tokenized assets in and out of their core games and applications, and then gradually develop into long-term business models and revenue streams through the in-game economy and player-to-player market, and finally connect to the first Layer and Layer 2 blockchains provide players with freedom of choice and maximum liquidity.

Current platform status:

  • Currently only available for invitation and private testing.
  • More than 40 game developer partners.
  • More than 15 million partner game players.

LionTree served as Forte’s exclusive financial advisor this year, and as the company continues to accelerate its growth, it will bring its global strategic relationship to Forte. In May, Forte raised A round of financing of US$185 million, valued at US$1 billion, Led by Griffin Gaming Partners.


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