Cosmostation joins the Cudos distributed computing ecosystem as a validator »CryptoNinjas

Cosmostation joins the Cudos distributed computing ecosystem as a validator »CryptoNinjas


Space station, one Enterprise-level validator node infrastructure & End user application provider, today announced that it has joined the Cudos ecosystem as a validator

Cudos is a The first layer of blockchain and the second layer of computing and oracle network Designed to ensure decentralized, permission-free access to large-scale high-performance computing.

Through cooperation, Cosmostation will enhance the Cudos platform by using rewards and adding multiple products to the ecosystem, including Cosmostation, Mintscan, and Cosmostation Toolkit.

The Cosmosation protocol allows its users to easily access decentralized finance, delegate tokens, and receive rewards through their mobile apps and Mintscan block explorer. Cosmosation has the security of multiple sentinel nodes, a validator node, and a hardware security module.

“Cosmostation is one of the largest, most trusted, and most commonly used staking providers in the Cosmos ecosystem. Their expertise and reputation in this field are valuable to the Cudos ecosystem. They are a trusted and cherished collaboration of Cudos Partners, we look forward to cooperating on other projects in the future.”
– Nuno Pereira, Vice President of Partnerships at Cudos

Powerful host: Cosmostation

First, the Cosmostation browser allows users to use Mintscan to browse the network built with Cosmos-SDK. Cosmosation App Wallet enables users to sign transactions locally on a secure and convenient GUI, while Web Wallet connects to your hardware wallet for secure transactions. Finally, Defistation is the independent DeFi ranking and analysis website of Binance Smart Chain.

“The value proposition of the Cudos protocol is that it is essential to the next chapter of the Web 3.0 infrastructure. Its Turing complete cloud computing solution allows seamless data processing from various distributed networks, and is a blockchain-agnostic application. Provides a powerful platform. Cosmostation is committed to building the future of cross-chain infrastructure and is happy to join the Cudos ecosystem as a partner validator.”
– David Park, CMO of Cosmostation

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