Announces upcoming cross-platform development – ??Sponsored Bitcoin News

Announces upcoming cross-platform development – ??Sponsored Bitcoin News


ADAL side, Is currently in the process of developing a Decentralized Financing (DeFi) project, and has just announced plans to start its cross-platform integration development soon.

Cross-platform integration will simplify and allow more users around the world to access decentralized financial services.

Javed Khattak, the general manager of ADALend, announced earlier that ADALend will work on the user experience and simplicity of its UI and platform to reduce the barriers for traditional users to participate in decentralized financing.

About ADALend

ADALend is a decentralized lending protocol managed by the Cardano system. In this Cardano system, ADALend will influence the flexibility of the digital financial market by providing a basis for instant access to loans and collateral, which will result in continued liquidity of the lender’s blockchain assets.

    • Unlicensed lending Any pairing It is guaranteed that users will always get the best discounts protected by multi-layer oracles, without any pairing permissions.
    • Incentive liquidity The idea behind the incentive deposits will allow ADALends’ fund pool to maintain high liquidity, ensuring low interest rates and the availability of borrowers’ assets.
    • Community governance Governance proposals issued by ADALend or the community must be agreed by token holders through a voting system. It is guaranteed that the project will always be based on the best interests of users and the ADALend community.
  • Ecosystem base layer The ADALend project will carry a layer of financial products, aiming to develop the entire project into its own financial solution platform, providing users with a complete independent ecosystem to replace traditional and non-traditional financial solutions.

ADALend encourages everyone to read its published white paper and be familiar with all the amazing features and protocols included in the project.

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