Announce the double donation challenge in 2021!

This is Naked Capitalism Fundraising Week. 796 donors have invested in our efforts to fight corruption and predatory behavior, especially in the financial sector.Please join us and participate through our Donation page, Which shows how to donate via check, credit card, debit card, or Why we do this fundraising event, What we achieved last year, And our current goals, Bonus for our guest writers.

A loyal donor posed a challenge: double the donation of 50 people who donated $100 in the next.

Make this generous offer a quick success Now go to our donation page! Take this opportunity to spice up your gift. If you want to donate $300, you don’t need to donate $3 to $100. One will do. We can deal with math :-).

Other readers have been telling them how important naked capitalism is to them. From Korean:

I learned more from the University of North Carolina than I learned during college, which means I may owe you about $20,000. Hope that one day I can catch up a bit, but now please accept my humble “koha”.

And BeliTsari:

Wake up, the coffee is brewing; see what Yvve has released. It simplifies Murika dealing with Orwellian, honeycomb thinking, echo chamber, and cage rattling. SEO, PropR’Not, Correction The Record… one after another blog aggregators suddenly blacklisted all Kos, MoJo, Alternet, HuffPo, Guardian, the whistleblower was arrested, and dissidents were silenced. But we helped merge the compendium of the surviving valuable blogs by linking to some unusual sources in the comments. Just when it feels comfortable, comfortable and complacent, our tempers are grumpy; damn, if someone comes forward and publishes something original, shrewd, foresight or related to annoy us and get us out of the drooling coma . Thanks yunz nudniks, once and for all!

And Chuck H:

I am glad to support your work again. Naked capitalism is one of the news sources that makes me feel at home. Thanks to all authors and commenters.

You can make your contribution Here, by check (we like checks!), debit or credit card, or PayPal. If you provide by check, please be sure to let us know by email And your donation amount In [email protected], “Double Donation Challenge” is included in the subject line so that we can include it in our operating records.

Thanks to our anonymous supporters for their generosity. I hope readers will answer enthusiastically.If $100 is an extension to you, don’t let it stop you Donate If you have planned but do not have time yet. Every contribution helps us achieve our goals. So I hope you can accept this fundraising challenge in any way possible!

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