Why naked capitalism is so precious to writers

Why naked capitalism is so precious to writers



So what is so special about writing for Naked Capitalism? (Hint: Since naked capitalism is special, Please support this fundraising activity in Tip Jar).

Well, this is the story at the end of the first 12 months I started writing as a member of the NC team. (You can support the Naked Capitalism team by clicking on the tip tank here.) I moved to Barcelona from the UK more than 20 years ago. I worked in a language school and worked as an academic translation for the first 10 years. This led me to ghostwrite lengthy articles for one of Spain’s most important business schools, and set up my own political and business blog Raging Bullshit under the pseudonym Don Quijones.

By then, the financial crisis is raging in Spain, and naked capitalism has become the authoritative source of how the global economy has fallen into such terrible chaos. In 2013, I got the opportunity to work for Wolf Richter’s famous financial blog Wolf Street (called Testosterone Pit at the time). For the next 7 years, I worked for Wolf and published 8-12 articles every month, some of which were cross-published on NC. Wolf gave me a crash course on how to study and discuss economic and financial data and trends, as well as the importance of supporting assertions with strong evidence and reliable data. I will always thank Wolf for recommending me to Yves at the end of last year.

Turning to Naked Capitalism as a team member drove my own development, allowing me to cover a wider range of topics of political as well as financial and business interests. When I started writing for Naked Capitalism a year ago, I was both excited and quite intimidated by the prospect of writing an article every week, even a little scared, partly because its readers have a high level of expertise and expertise and comments. I am a graduate of history and a self-taught pseudo-economist. I am a perfect generalist.

Every article we write always inspires wisdom, knowledgeable, and sometimes very interesting feedback and insights that keep us alert. It is no exaggeration to say that I learned something new from the reviews of every article I wrote, and had to eat humble pie more than once when the reviewer found a mistake. I will never forget to be spotted by a reviewer-and then laughed at by others-for calling something “damp squid” instead of “dumb cannon.”

Another important feature of my development as a writer is that I benefited from the articles published by my colleagues and, of course, the responses of critics. This is especially true with regard to issues related to Covid-19 and vaccines. NC has led time and time again on issues such as aerosol transmission, the importance of wearing masks and ventilation, and the limited effectiveness of vaccines. (If you want to reward NC for being early and correct, please click on the hint pot.) I think this is due to the combined effect of many factors: the author’s open-mindedness, research and critical thinking ability; the editorial freedom provided by Naked Capitalism allows its writers to report most other left-leaning alternative news sites. It is very important but Controversial issues; and the unparalleled insights provided by the think tanks Yves and Lambert that have been formed and cultivated over the years. So if you value these important communities as much as I do, Please go to the donation page and raise funds!

With my British background, fluent Spanish, ability to read complex French articles, and good contacts with many South American countries, I have been able to study problems in most parts of the world from original sources. This is the same as Naked Capitalism’s encouragement to solve problems in different countries, giving me the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of what is really happening under the surface, not just what traditional media reported. Being able to write such in-depth articles for NC and its discerning readers twice a week is a huge challenge, but it is also a personally beneficial challenge.

In the past few months, I have been asked to submit two articles per week-this is an absolute honour for me. This in turn led an American publishing company to contact me and commission me to write a book on vaccine passports. For me, writing my first book is a huge opportunity. If it weren’t for NC, I wouldn’t get this opportunity. This also proves how broad and diverse readers are attracted by naked capitalism. For many people in important positions, whether in finance, industry, politics or media, Naked Capitalism is one of their main websites. (Your support ensures that Naked Capitalism will remain the site of choice.Click here for the tip tank.)

One last very personal note: I will never forget the care and support that Lambert, Susan and Jerry Lynn provided during my Mexican wife and I recovering from Covid-19. Although I have never seen them other than virtual, it is a wonderful thing to be a member of the team and not just a freelance writer for publications.So please help keep naked capitalism strong Donate generously!


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