What does Jack Dorsey think of Twitter’s encryption team? This is where the problem lies. Without much fanfare or even an official statement, the new Twitter encryption department has just been established. They will cover cryptocurrency and blockchain related matters. Where did the new employee Tess Rinearson go? – Twitter broadcasts her new position and her leadership will lead the company’s direction. “We will work hard to figure out what encryption can do for Twitter, and what Twitter can do for encryption,” Rinearson says.

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Regarding Tess herself, Through her website She let us quickly understand:

“Recently, I worked at the Interchain Foundation. As the vice president of engineering, I led a team to build open source infrastructure for many leading blockchain networks (including Cosmos). Among them, these teams are responsible for Tendermint Core (a popular proof-of-stake consensus engine) And the blockchain communication protocol (a leading interoperability standard).”

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What do we know about the Twitter encryption department?

Not much, because the creation of Twitter Crypto did not Company blogThe team will work directly under the leadership of Twitter’s CTO Parag Agrawal. They are currently “Recruiting engineering and product roles.“According to Rinearson, Twitter Crypto will focus on “About encryption, blockchain and other decentralized technologies-including and beyond cryptocurrencies. “

In her post, Rinearson identified three main areas of work for Twitter encryption:

  1. First, we will explore how to support the growing interest of creators, use decentralized applications to manage virtual goods and currencies, and support their work and communities.
  2. Looking ahead, we will explore how ideas from the crypto community can help us break through the possibilities of identity, community, ownership, and more.
  3. Of course, we will work closely with the Bluesky team to help shape the future of decentralized social media.

Therefore, basically, Twitter Crypto will focus on integration with Web3, altcoin world, DeFi, smart contracts and NFT. Of course, this allows every project and their marketing team to advertise under every Tess Rinearson tweet.

This brings us back to the original question.

How would Jack Dorsey view the Twitter encryption department?

It’s no secret that Dorsey is the highest-level Bitcoin extremist. In his view, Bitcoin is the greatest invention of our lives.inside Bitcoin 2021 Conference, Dorsey Said”All other coins, for me, are not considered at all. “However, despite Twitter’s activation of prompts through the Lightning Network, the company’s actions did not fully comply with Jack Dorsey’s words.

On the one hand, Dorsey is talking about building a better world through Bitcoin and condemning rising inflation. On the other hand, Twitter is censoring people, adding false disclaimers, and de-platformizing anyone who deviates from the official narrative. It seems that the CEO does not fully control the company he created. This makes sense if you consider all the funds generated by social media platforms. And all the benefits of working behind the scenes to keep this machine going.

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The new Twitter encryption department is another proof of this fact. Although Jack Dorsey does not consider other blockchains as a person, the company he represents is clearly moving in this direction. However, it is also true that the creation of the new team did not enter the official Twitter announcement channel. So, what is going on here? Is Twitter really testing altcoins?

Let us follow Tess Lenilson And find out.

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