The Agoric mainnet now has more than 100 validators, which can build JavaScript smart contracts for Web3 »CryptoNinjas

The Agoric mainnet now has more than 100 validators, which can build JavaScript smart contracts for Web3 »CryptoNinjas


following Network infrastructure testing As well as the pledge dynamics of more than 100 validators, the JavaScript native smart contract platform Agoric announced the launch of its public chain after successfully completing the private token sale.

Funds from private sales will drive Agoric’s next phase of growth, focusing on expanding the ecosystem and developer programs. On the basis of existing initiatives to incentivize infrastructure development, such as the recent developer bonus, additional funds will be a further entry point into DeFi through the Agoric smart contract development economy.

Committed to supporting the continuous development and establishment of Agoric Smart contract technology For the decentralized economy, the $32 million private placement has received the participation of early investors, including MetaStable, Polychain, Rockaway, and Gumi Ventures.

It also received support from a series of backers, including Placeholder, Dokia Capital, NGC Ventures, Spartan Group, Compound VC, DAO Maker, LD Capital, Nalu Capital, Spark Capital, RedBeard Capital, Acrew Capital, P2P, RELM Insurance, Figment , Chorus. One, Age Fund, Iqlusion and Pylon.


The first phase of the launch marked the introduction of BLD staking tokens and the Agoric chain. Build with Cosmos SDK.

BLD (Build) ensures and stabilizes the economy by supporting mortgages, governance, and decentralization. Agoric has contacted Kepler, A browser extension wallet used in the cross-chain ecosystem to support BLD. Keplr will also provide services to Agoric, including governance and mortgages.

“Today, the DeFi development environment has not reached its full potential. By bringing DeFi into the neglected JavaScript community, Agoric is opening up the DeFi economy to more than 10 million innovative and curious developers, businesses, and institutions to create tomorrow’s dapps, “Agoric CEO and co-founder Dean Tribble commented.

JavaScript native

As a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain and JavaScript native smart contract platform, Agoric provides developers and enterprises with a secure cross-chain ecosystem for building and deploying DeFi applications.

Agoric’s composable smart contract development environment is the first of its kind. It provides reusable governance, lending and transaction components to promote the creators of an interoperable DeFi economy, all in a familiar JavaScript development environment middle.

“As an active crypto fund, we have seen many promising innovative projects at different stages of development at NGC Ventures. Agoric’s smart contract development pioneer team stands out. We have seen Agoric shaping the future of DeFi and becoming a springboard for the next generation of changers The huge potential of the company.” said Tony Gu, partner of NGC Ventures.

Agoric is a JavaScript native smart contract platform and PoS blockchain. The Agoric blockchain contains built-in decentralized finance (DeFi) primitives, including: RUN is a stable local currency used to promote economic activities, and BLD is a mortgage token used to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

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