How to regenerate cannabis plants

How to regenerate cannabis plants



Once you harvest your plant, its life cycle is over, right? Incorrect! In fact, plants can be regenerated after harvest. This can save growers a lot of time and money, while also allowing them to extend the life of their favorite plants. Regeneration will bring new life to your plant and make her bloom again. She has provided you with a good service and is worthy of your love and attention, so let us learn how to regenerate cannabis plants.

What is rebirth?

We all know that when our plants get old and their hormones change, they will go from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. This is when she started producing harvestable buds. This is because lighting often triggers the transition from plant growth to flowering. This is not the case in automatic flowering plants, so this may be a trickier regeneration option. Basically, the plan is to change the lighting again to induce the plants to return to their vegetative stage. This will enable her to return to the flowering stage and create more flower buds. It sounds simple, but if it is so simple, I think everyone will do it.


There are some benefits to regenerating plants and not just planting entirely new plants. Of course, if you want to get the exact same gene from the same mother, you usually need to clone her. Not only is this a rather tricky task, it also requires more time and may take up more space. In this way, your mother plant is your clone, and you don’t have to worry about letting her survive alone. This gives us the next benefit, which is to continue the preferred genetic line. If you find your super plant and you don’t want to lose her, then throwing her away may be upsetting. Your next crop may not be that impressive, and if you cannot perfectly mimic the growing environment, even clones may be damaged or may grow in a different way. Regeneration is also much faster because your plants have already gone through the growth aspect of the vegetative phase. By regenerating, you can get another crop immediately instead of starting over from the top.

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Like anything, rebirth also has some negative effects. First of all, it’s really hard. As I said before, making it sound simple and easy, but it is not. I would definitely recommend this technique to advanced growers. If you have enough experience to do this, you will need soil-grown plants, and even so, it is very easy to stress or damage your plants. If you accidentally injure a plant, it may take several months to return to a viable state. There is no guarantee that the plants will be as good as they were when they were first harvested.

How does it work?

It really depends on how you want to do it. People have several ways to regenerate plants. If you want, you can hit it on the stem and let it grow back from there. Although this may be technically easier, it is much less efficient and I don’t recommend it. There are several different methods available, and they largely depend on whether you are growing indoors or outdoors.


This is by far the easiest way to regenerate plants. When you plant indoors, it is a simple process of changing the lighting and environment to push the plants back into the vegetation. You only need to properly plant the plants by removing the first third from the main stem after harvest. Remove the buds in the middle third, but leave as many leaves as possible. Then at the bottom third, you want to remove the buds at the tips of the branches and leave some side buds. The plant will use these locations to start planting new shoots. After that, you must make sure that your plants get sufficient nitrogen and move the lighting back to the vegetative cycle instead of the flowering cycle. After a few weeks, you should notice that some new buds have sprouted.


The main problem with outdoor planting is that you cannot control the environment. So when you do this outdoors, you better hope that you live in a country with a long growing season. Therefore, any place with sharp temperature changes or summer time may not be a good idea. Therefore, you can use the same method and ensure that your plants get sufficient sunlight and nitrogen. This method of rebirth is definitely only suitable for experienced people.

Automatic flowering

As I said before, it is very difficult to do this with automatic flowering. Many people even say that this is impossible, but it has already been done. For automatic flowering plants, you need to wait for the central cola to develop. As with other planting methods, you can cut it, but it will leave a lot of buds. The Autoflowering plant does not go through the vegetative phase, so it has nothing to recover. However, it may still produce new shoots and increase yield. In many ways, this is more similar to topping than regeneration, but it has similar effects. There is no indication that these new shoots will be as strong or delicious as the first harvest. Most people think that regenerating auto-flowering plants is a bit pointless and at best is just a fun little experiment, so I would not recommend it unless you have a mature auto-flowering plant and you don’t mind messing it up.

So, all in all, regeneration can be a very interesting and exciting experiment for experienced breeders. If you are not familiar with planting, you can try cloning or other slightly more intense pruning.

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