AirSwap DAO launches a new DEX web application »CryptoNinjas

AirSwap DAO launches a new DEX web application »CryptoNinjas



AirSwap DAO, the builder of peer-to-peer technology for digital asset exchange, today announced the launch of its first complete web application: a brand new P2P DEX, fully open source and coordinated on the AirSwap community Discord with GitHub Repository.

As of now, users can go to Try new DEXs through swaps between WETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, and WBTC, but keep in mind that there may be a minimum size requirement. The DEX agreement fee is used to support DAO contributors.

Launch its first 2017 P2P DEXAfter that, AirSwap transformed into a completely open source community while retaining this focus.

“From a startup to an open source community is a fundamental change: starting from the first principles, adjusting incentives, establishing clear processes, generating ideas, turning ideas into actions, and promoting product development. We believe that decentralized transactions are not only It’s just technology-it starts with who is building it and how to build it. As an open developer community with the mission of standardizing peer-to-peer transactions, AirSwap DAO is geared towards end-to-end delivery.
– AirSwap DAO team

DAO design

After re-emphasizing its DAO design, the AirSwap community established a product development process from idea to delivery by focusing on quality, transparency, inclusiveness and automation, including:

  • 20+ community proposals implemented by 20+ community contributors
  • 8 developers, 253 commits, 94 combined pull requests in the past 30 days
  • More than $1 million in fees are automatically allocated to active community participants
  • Track the volume of transactions exceeding 1B USD (a 20-fold increase from 2019)

A new group of contributors has completed more than 20 AIPs (AirSwap improvement proposals), more of which are being carried out around L2, community building and product development.

Some key newly completed proposals include:

  • AST staking and decentralized governance system
  • Community bounty and contributor reward system
  • High-performance trading and counterparty discovery protocol
  • Build an open source new DEX web application from the ground up

Features of the new AirSwap P2P DEX

The web application is completely decentralized: the user’s web browser directly communicates with multiple servers run by the manufacturer (professional trading company). In some cases, traders will encounter “no gas” swaps: manufacturers pay for gas swaps.

Zero slip and MEV resistance

The new AirSwap DEX is built on the basis of atomic swaps, providing natural protection against counterparty risks and MEV (miner extractable value), while remaining completely non-custodial. You can see the price you get without the risk of falling prices or being overtaken by robots.

High-performance transaction protocol

AirSwap technology provides support for peer-to-peer networks through the de facto standard RFQ and Last Look protocol, making it a Preferred It is suitable for professional trading companies entering the decentralized financial system. Those who are already trading on DEX just need to insert their strategy.

Gas-free swaps for end users

With the new AirSwap DEX, the Last Look protocol means that in some cases users no longer need to pay for gas: it is handled by the manufacturer in the most efficient way. No need to connect to the wallet to view real-time quotes and view smaller spreads (better pricing) because the manufacturer has not locked the expiration date.


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