10 Thursday morning reading-big picture

10 Thursday morning reading-big picture


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Wages are rising, but they are not pushing up inflation A salary increase is good, but it must be much higher before it can make a meaningful contribution to faster price growth. (Bloomberg) You can also take a look Productivity is offsetting wage growth Wage growth is reset, and supply chain price increases are temporary; on the other hand, productivity increases will continue forever. This is the result of deflation, not inflation. (Big picture)

Bitcoin and inflation “There are several reasonable explanations for why Bitcoin has doubled this year. Inflation may be one of them.” (Irrelevant investor)

What are the most valuable stocks-and those that should be avoided? Northern Trust screens the best in the class and warns of less attractive bargaining games. (Chief Investment Officer)

Should you invest with an experienced fund manager? Studies have shown that fund managers with longer tenures are more reliable than newcomers, but have fewer home runs (Wall Street Journal)

In the 2021 supply chain battle, small businesses are losing to Walmart and Amazon As suppliers, factories and freight companies prioritize national brands, independent retailers are being squeezed out: “We are in the midst of a whim of a supply chain rupture.” (Washington post)

Classic cars are fashionable again At a time when the shortage of microchips has intensified the bidding war for new cars and second-hand Hyundai cars, people’s enthusiasm for classic cars has emerged. (Aksios)

The truth about those dollar stores: Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and other products are cheap, but they have also caused concern in the community (Consumer report)

What is Web3 and why are all cryptocurrency people suddenly talking about it? A new iteration of the Internet running on a public blockchain. The appeal is that it is decentralized and not mediated by companies such as Google, Apple, or Facebook. Web3 does not require “permissions”-the central authority does not specify who uses what services. Web3, like wellz, better protects user privacy. (slate)

Yuval Noah Harari believes this simple story can save the planet Many philosophical issues that have plagued mankind for thousands of years have now become practical. This is the primacy of the novel, and to understand the world, you need to take the story seriously. The stories you believe shape the society you create. (New York Times)

Angry at “The Last Dance”, Scotty Pippen kept shooting Michael Jordan Pippen’s unrelenting evaluation of Jordan may surprise those who think that long-term teammates are friendly. For most of Chicago’s 11 very successful seasons, they formed a dominant duo, and their six championship fights provided endless scenes of their cheering. (Washington post)

Be sure to check our Master of Business Meet next week with Robin Wigglesworth, a global finance correspondent for the Financial Times based in Oslo, Norway. He focuses on reshaping market and investment trends, from technological disruption to quantitative investment.His new book is Trillions: How a group of Wall Street traitors invented index funds and changed finance forever.

A record 74% of Americans say now is a good time to find quality jobs

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