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On the same day, Walgreens announced that it would invest US$5.2B in VillageMD to obtain a majority stake in the growing primary care clinic. It also revealed that it had invested US$300 million in CareCentrix. The company has acquired a 55% stake in the company. This is another An opportunity to expand the scope of its influence pharmacy-this time into the home.

John Driscoll, the CEO of CareCentrix, supported us, which enabled Walgreens to enter the field of post-acute care (home care, discharge rehabilitation, home infusion, palliative care, etc.), which he described as Part of the “long-term sexy and cool” healthcare market is now not only worth $75B per year, but will also achieve massive growth in the next 20 years.

Walgreens clearly saw the opportunity that John saw, especially when positioning its pharmacy as a “local health distribution and support center”-compared with patients, these centers took advantage of the patient’s trust in pharmacists and their visits Frequency of Walgreens stores. Doctor’s office or hospital. In the Walgreens Health strategy, how will CareCentrix and VillageMD eventually work together to take care of these regular Walgreens customers? What is the vision? In terms of retail distribution channels, is post-acute care as fair as primary care? And, of course, we have to go behind the scenes of the transaction itself and ask John what we are thinking: Why doesn’t Walgreens directly acquire VillageMD and CareCentrix?

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