“This must not happen”: If it doesn’t stop, 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide will be released from fracturing in the Permian Basin by 2050

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Yves is here and it is great to see American activists pushing for important climate action in our backyard, starting with further development of the Permian Basin. First of all, this is a valuable goal. Secondly, America’s poor climate credibility needs some support, which will be a starting point.

Author: Kenny Stancil, a guest writer for Common Dreams.Originally published on Common dream

As activists at the COP26 summit continue to condemn “Huge” gap Between wealthy governments RhetoricAnd their Badly inadequate plan In response to the climate emergency, a new analysis of projected production in the Permian Basin in the southwestern United States reveals the extent to which oil and gas executives refuse to keep fossil fuels underground, putting humanity’s future at risk.

“Although climate science tells us that we must reduce oil consumption by 40% by 2030, Permian producers plan to increase production by more than 50%.”

Released on Tuesday by Petroleum Change International, Earthworks and the Center for International Environmental Law, Chapter Two Permian Basin Climate Bomb It warned that if the drilling and fracturing boom that turned the Permian Basin into the “single most productive oil and gas field in the world” in the past ten years is allowed to continue unabated in the next three years, it will generate nearly 40 billion tons of carbon by this century. Carbon dioxide in the middle leaves.

Common dream Summarize The first chapter of a six-part multimedia series-including an introductory video detailing how expanded fossil fuel extraction in the basin endangers vulnerable communities from New Mexico to the Gulf Coast and beyond-last month At the time of publication. The second part of the report reveals the stark contrast between global climate targets and the current oil and gas production trajectory in the Permian Basin.

“Over the past ten years, the Permian Basin has been the site of an unprecedented oil and gas boom,” said Lorne Stockman, co-director of international oil change research, Said In a statement. “Producers can pollute at will, and methane is usually released in large quantities. Oil exports promoted the growth of Permian production, and they now account for about 30% of U.S. oil production.”

“As the global market is flooded with Permian oil and natural gas, it will only be more difficult to steer the world economy towards clean energy.”

“Although climate science tells us that we must reduce oil consumption by 40% by 2030, Permian producers plan to increase production by more than 50% between 2021 and 2030,” Stockman said. “This shouldn’t happen.”

“If you let it go,” the report states, “The Permian may continue to produce large amounts of oil, natural gas, and liquefied petroleum gas in the next few decades. As the global market is flooded with Permian oil and natural gas, it will lead the world economy to clean energy. It will only be more difficult.”

According to the report, business executives predict that the burning of fossil fuels extracted from the Permian Basin will emit nearly 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide by 2050, accounting for about 10% of the world’s remaining “carbon budget”, which means that by the end of this century, global warming will be achieved. It is limited to a range of 1.5°C higher than the pre-industrial level.

In addition, “scientists research Methane emissions from the Permian Basin It is estimated that as much as 3.7% of natural gas production is emitted and leaked into the atmosphere,” the report states. “At this rate, methane emissions in the Permian Basin will emit more than 9.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide.2 Equivalent (CO2e) By 2050″, the author compares it to “carrying 50 standard miles of coal into the desert by train every day from 2021 to 2050, dumping the coal, and then piling it into a pile”.

The report stated that the good news is that approximately 80% of projected carbon dioxide emissions “will come from the burning of liquids and gases produced from new wells that have not been produced at the end of 2020. This means that most of the pollution may be prevented by simply stopping drilling new wells. happen.”

The Biden administration, Said Steven Feit, a senior attorney at the Center for International Environmental Law, “must use all the tools at his disposal to prevent the next decade of the Permian from repeating the previous decade. At least, this means rejecting new exports. Facilities, petrochemical plants and other fossil fuel infrastructure.”

Climate justice advocates believe that the fossil fuel industry’s plan to expand oil and gas production in the Permian Basin provides President Joe Biden with an opportunity to prove his swear The response to the climate crisis is legal, or just another public relations campaign.

“Unless President Biden dismantles the Permian climate bomb that exploded in my backyard,” Said Miguel Escotto, Earthworks West Texas site advocate and El Paso resident, “We will not stop catastrophic climate change or fulfill our national climate commitments.”

Last month, the International Energy Agency Reiterate its information There is no need to invest in new fossil fuel production, adding that the extraction and burning of dirty energy must be reduced this decade, and the global production of clean energy must be accelerated immediately.

“As long as you stop drilling new wells, you can prevent most of the pollution.”

Just before the start of COP26, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) lamentIn fact, the use of global fossil fuels is expected to increase this decade, even if annual reductions in coal, oil, and natural gas production are necessary to avoid the most serious consequences of the climate crisis.

The planet currently Is accelerating the “catastrophic” 2.7°C heating In this century, the United Nations Environment Programme has emphasized that unless countries-first and foremost the wealthy polluters who are most responsible for exacerbating extreme weather-cut greenhouse gas emissions quickly and drastically, accelerate the transition to renewable energy, and implement transformative politics Economic changes.

Such warnings are intended to inspire stronger climate policy, but so far, represent From poor countries and Activists From all over the world condemn The ongoing meeting depends on Underreported emissions data And where Fossil fuel lobbyists outnumber diplomats, In order to generate another round Under pledged This may perpetuate the status quo.

“A’code red’,” Escotto said, alluding to Biden’s Annotation Following the deadly extreme weather wave last summer disaster, “Require urgent action instead of business as usual.”

Escotto added: “The president can reduce oil and gas methane pollution by declaring a climate emergency, restoring a ban on crude oil exports, and enacting the most stringent rules to reduce oil and gas methane pollution, and lay the political foundation for ending new oil and gas pollution, thereby demonstrating that he Serious attitude towards the climate.” Gas production. “

The second part of the series is the same as the first part, giving viewers the opportunity to donate and take action to groups opposed to the development of the Permian Basin.

Specifically, it requires people to tell the Ministry of the Interior to end the new Fossil fuel lease on public land, One of Biden’s breach of campaign promises resulted in Surge In the drilling permit; tell Biden to stop approving pipelines, export terminals, oil refineries, Petrochemical facilities, And other oil and gas infrastructure; and told Congress that “hydraulic fracturing is banned nationwide, which will have a huge impact [on] Limit the dangers of the Permian. “

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