Strains of the week – November 10-17, 2021

Strains of the week – November 10-17, 2021


Hello, vault team.

A new Wednesday appeared, and with it came twelve flowers blooming from the bottom of our best selection: Pressure this week.

It strikes a perfect balance between some of the best feminine and auto-flowering seeds, top breeders, incredible genetics and succulent prices.

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Double the seed, double the love.

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Breeders and seed types may vary depending on the week and the events at the time. This means that no week will be the same as the previous week!

We will carefully select strains based on flavor, THC and CBD content, maximum size, yield, etc., and strive to satisfy all tastes.

Pressure this week

Furious Candy Feminised Seeds by Eva Seeds

Angry Candy Eva Seed 0This relaxed, fun and excellent cold storage line is known for its delicious sweetness, boiled sugar, strawberry and bubble gum flavors, and dense resin bud production

Barney’s Farm Blueberry Cheese (Blue Cheese) Automatic Feminization Seed

Blue Cheese Car 1Blue Cheese is a merger of the two most famous cannabis varieties available. One is Skunk #1, also known as “cheese” and blueberries. The resulting strain is a high-yielding indica rice that maintains an amazing cheese taste and aroma.

Durban Poison Feminization Seeds by Dutch Passion

Durban Poison Dutch Passion 031 0 1This is a very special strain imported from South Africa and grown in the Netherlands, which has been quite impressive. This strain has never been crossed, is a 100% pure inbred plant, and is also 100% alfalfa.

Barney Farm’s Blue Ice Cream 41 Feminized Seeds

Blue ice cream 41 1BLUE GELATO 41 is our sensational new blueberry super cross with the West Coast. She is made by mixing the famous blueberry with thin mint Girl Scout biscuits and fresh fruity Indica, Sunset Sherbert.

Red Poison Auto Feminised Seeds by Sweet Seeds

Red Poison Auto Feminized SeedThis strain is another 100% Autoflowering seed of Sweet Seeds. It is a combination of Green Poison, one of the most beloved varieties of sweet seeds, and an exotic purple-flowered self-flowering variety (the descendant of Pakistan’s Kush ancestors).

Jack Herrer Auto Feminised Seeds by Seedsman Seeds

Jack Haier car feminization seed planterJack Herrer Auto is a prolific, alfalfa-based automatic flowering strain. It has good resistance to plant diseases and also has medicinal value.

Blue Mystic Feminised Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds

Blue Mysterious Feminized Seed Royal Queen Seed 0A product of a melting pot of cannabis genetics, originating from breeding programs in California and Oregon, a new and exciting strain of cannabis has emerged. The Blue Mystic developed by Royal Seeds is a high-quality, feminized variety with dominant indica traits.

White Widow Feminised Seeds by Phoenix Cannabis Seeds

White widow feminine seeds, phoenix seeds 1White Widow is one of the most popular breeds in the world. It was originally created in the 1980s and has grown in popularity since it first came out. The strain is extremely stable and will always produce consistently high-quality crops.

Good Shit Feminised Seeds by Phoenix Cannabis Seeds

Good shit feminized seeds Phoenix seeds 1 1We have been working hard to provide you with some real good things at very low prices, and now we have cracked it! This strain will be a wonderful smooth smoke that will shock even the most discerning cannabis lovers. The best way to describe the smell and quality of smoke is luxury. This strain has something special, from its exotic appearance to incredible quality.

Haze Express AUTO Feminised Seeds by Phoenix Cannabis Seeds

Haze Express Car Feminized Seed Phoenix Seed 0 2For a long time, growers have longed for Haze strains that are fast and easy to grow. This particular pressure is as close as what we will get now, and it is very impressive.

Strong Stuff Auto Feminised Seeds by Phoenix Cannabis Seeds

Powerful things automatic feminization seeds Phoenix seeds 0This pressure will be a lovely thick smoke that will knock you down on the sofa. In addition to this great strain, we have now created an Autoflowering version of Strong Stuff! This Auto Feminised seed grows well under indoor conditions.

White Widow Express AUTO Feminised Seeds by Phoenix Cannabis Seeds

White Widow Express Car Feminized Seed Phoenix Seed 1White Widow Express Auto is an updated version of the beloved classic. The original White Widow is famous for its amazing resin output and powerful effects.


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