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Pioneer Collections Fall – Sponsored Bitcoin News



Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are unique data units contained in the digital ledger and cannot be interchanged. They are used as a representation of items that can be easily copied, such as artwork, images, video and audio files, and other digital files. NFT is unique in its own way, using blockchain technology to build a verified and accessible certificate of ownership.

Happy Hippos is a kind of NFT generated by artificial intelligence randomly generated through programming mechanism based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Hippos have been developed from more than one million species to sample the first generation of 8888 hippos.

About Hippo

Hippos live in Africa, where they live happily and harmoniously. Nevertheless, because this type of hippopotamus has quickly become an endangered species that is endangered, they are waiting for willing individuals to adopt.

Although hippos are usually good to own, each of them stands out because of their own appearance. The best of these hippos are those that show a more packed appearance, so they have additional qualities such as growing a beard, wearing a hat, wearing clothing, and a pair of glasses.

Every time you purchase Happy Hippos NFT, the platform will donate to wildlife organizations in the name of the buyer. These donations are part of an effort to protect hippos living in their natural habitat. At the same time, the owner of the corresponding Happy Hippos NFT is granted an official adoption certificate of the actual Hippo. This brings up the concept of hippo type.

Types of hippopotamus

According to the number of different attributes they display, there are five different types of hippos. In this regard, we have:

Types of hippopotamus number Number of attributes Percentage composition
Common 3101 1 35%
myth 1780 3 20%
legendary 888 3 or more 10%
rare 3101 2 35%
Unique 18

The Happy Hippos project focuses on giving back to the community and making them part of the system. For this reason, the platform remains open to anyone who wants to participate in the debate. After joining the Happy Hippos ecosystem, Hippo owners can keep abreast of the latest situation and everything that is about to happen. It also enables them to put forward ideas and opinions on how to develop the project.

For Happy Hippos, many plans are still in progress. These plans are designed to keep them happy in a harmonious habitat. Some of these future plans include the concept of integrated breeding and commissions, to name a few.

While efforts to create a better future for Happy Hippo are already in place, user input is very necessary. Input can only be provided when the user participates in the discussion.

Own a hippo

Hippos can be obtained through purchase. When purchasing Happy Hippos, buyers can use Crypto, PayPal, credit card or Metamask to pay for the purchase.

Once you have purchased Hippo, Happy Hippo NFT will go directly to the wallet address used at the time of purchase.After that, you can Infinity8.ioThe avenue also provides space for the purchase or adoption of hippos.To do this, you must So that they have an account.

The first 1,000 people who register for an account on the above link will enjoy pre-sale discounts. This is because they are the only people who know the start date and time of the pre-sale. As the day approaches, notifications will be emailed to 1K account owners to provide them with more information about what to do. This is within November.

Stand out among the top 1,000 wallet or account owners and ensure the holder’s status on the pre-sale transaction whitelist.Alternatively, players can email [email protected] Or attract developers through their Twitter page.
Happy Hippo holders enjoy many benefits and privileges. Things to enjoy include:

  • Access to upcoming pre-sales even before the planned project takes place or starts.This is through platform.
  • The official certificate for adopting wild hippos, they roam in harmony in Africa.

The list is not closed here. It is still open because Discord is still underway to increase the number of privileges enjoyed.

Pre-sale privileges

The pre-sale includes some Happy Hippos reserved for sale before the actual date. It provides an effective marketing strategy because people who take advantage of this type of activity can get a better price than those who buy at the actual unveiling. With this in mind, it is worth noting that for the pre-sale, Happy Hippos sells for 0.06. This is 0.028 less than the 0.088 price set for a single Hippos public sale. gas price concern

Concerns about abnormal price spikes As the day approaches, the platform is effective.For now, the natural gas price of Happy Hippos NFT is the lowest in the entire list of non-fungible tokens. Ethereum Blockchain. The price of these NFTs is between $3 and $50.

In addition, apart from gas fees, no additional fees will be charged. Compared with other industry players, this makes Happy Hippos a lower cost project.

Happy Hippos will be the first series to be launched Infinity8.IoTherefore, it is necessary to develop a very strong Happy Hippo community. The key drivers of community participation include social media platforms such as Twitter. Discord It will also be a facilitator because it will facilitate discussion and sharing ideas.

As part of its philanthropy strategy, Infiniuty8’s Happy Hippos developers worked hard to establish connections with recognized charitable foundations. They also often provide gifts to platform users.

Startup project

The Happy Hippos NFTs project is scheduled to be unveiled in early November. No specific date or time has been provided, this is a strategy designed to keep potential communities looking forward. The official release of the first Happy Hippos drop is undoubtedly of historical significance and will be a grand event.

As twitter and Discord It is the exit point of any information, given the pre-sale privilege, this will be the competition starting 48 hours before the public sale. People who enjoy the privileges will definitely get attention.

Once sales reach 25%, mid-term celebrations will also be held. By then, up to 25 Happy Hippo will be distributed to random wallets, and 0.08888 Ethereum will be randomly sent to five Happy Hippo holders.

When the sales volume reaches 50%, 50 additional Happy Hippos will be randomly provided again, and 0.08888 Ethereum Randomly assigned to 10 other Hippo holders. The same will be done at the 75% mark. Once each Happy Hippo is sold (100% mark), there will be a special Happy Hippos gift to a wallet and 0.8888 Ethereum to another lucky holder.

Milestone (% of sales) Reward 1 Reward 2
25% 25 Happy Hippo Random Wallet 0.08888 Ethereum arrive 5 Random holders.
50% 50 Happy Hippo Random Wallet 0.08888 Ethereum arrive 10 Random holder
75% 75 Happy Hippo Random Wallet 0.08888 Ethereum arrive 10 Random holders.
100% 1 special Happy hippo 1 Random wallet 0.8888 Ethereum gives 1 lucky holder.

After-sales progress

this The platform also plans to develop a million-dollar creator fund to thank the developers for their excellent work. Funding will come from royalties and mint sales, and will be used to support developers and their projects for the benefit of the entire community.

Eventually, there will be a The official happy hippo safari experience in AfricaThis opportunity will be contested, and a happy hippo holder will win the game. Every Happy Hippo holder will participate in this competition.

December gifts

End the year in a fashionable way, A short cartoon and picture book will also be launched, which will be presented to individual Happy Hippo holders. These gifts are not for adult holders, but for their children during the Christmas holiday season. There will also be other items to be given away, including Happy Hippos shirts, hats, stickers and hoodies, etc. Only the watchman can get these gifts.

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Image Source: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons

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