marvelous!Reaching the third fundraising goal, we are moving towards the fourth goal: guest bloggers

Thanks to the rapid response of more than 737 members of the Naked Capitalism community, we have already encountered the first obstacle, namely the basic budget for IT support and defense, the second goal, the support comment section, and the third, continue our expanded funding link section (And party if some appearance of the old normal return) in a healthy clip

As of 8pm Eastern Standard Time, we have provided $6,860 for our fourth goal, which is $22,000 for guest bloggers.

As long-time readers know, we have been improving the quality of writers who have contributed to naked capitalism for many years. We like to send a sizable reward from fundraising events to our mainstays Lambert, Jerri-Lynn Scofield and Nick. We use the old Wall Street cooperation model: low-level guaranteed compensation, and then generous bonuses that reflect their performance and the website’s performance in the past year. Each of them has strengthened the coverage in a very large way, including focus and output level, to adapt to the pressure of the Covid outbreak.

If Lambert did not use DJing to debate open topics to help maintain our collective sanity, where would you be? He also continues his biosphere reports, such as the biosphere (soils, rivers, lakes, mangroves, corals, locust plagues, etc.), and is submitting occasional comments, recent dunes and the need to deal with-kid-gloves Covid “history”, author It’s Scott Gottlieb. Jerri-Lynn made original reports on plastic wars and repair rights, and continues to provide legal analysis for important decisions, such as opioid settlements and glyphosate litigation. Nick has greatly expanded our international coverage, such as the political/economic development of Mexico and the pressure of the banking industry in Italy and emerging markets.

Although we pay our contributors to help them complete the regular schedule of this website at a good level, writing is not a well-paid job. Our guest bloggers often perform in-depth analysis quickly, but they can do this because they have a wealth of experience and expertise.

We would also like to extend a monetary “thank you” to Thomas Neuburger and John Siman, their book review/author interview combination is not only very popular, but also won him the 2020 Kukura Award for non-fiction reviews and the website of his work We launch regularly.

Readers continue to send us humble notes. From Greg B:

I extend my highest respect to you and your team.

When I just found my pace as a mortgage broker, I found you because the crash started to happen. Naked capitalism has helped me help so many customers then and now, I never stop reading your articles every day.

I pay tribute to your commitment and contribution to our society and the world.

Thank you and love.

And Amy P:

Although my college degree is economics, the University of North Carolina provides a real education in this subject. Unexpectedly, this year NC and critics also gave me the foundation, so that I can get through the trouble of the medical insurance plan selection process. Thanks! Long live naked capitalism!

And skip the introduction:

As I pointed out in the comments, NC has changed from a financial savior in GFC to an actual savior in the Covid era. I believe that the NC process is unparalleled and can extract reality from the disinformation and professional planning chaos that dominate our public discourse. One of the few places where theoretical checks are added to fact checks. To be honest, I believe that the information I provide to people, including mask instructions and non-immunization warnings, may have saved Covid cases if it did not save lives.

So we hope you will recognize the skills and dedication of our writers I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you in Tip Jar.

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