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The Peruvian domestic dog turned out to be an Andean fox British Broadcasting Corporation

Paleontologists find oldest evidence of dinosaurs’ social behavior Smithsonian

The secret purchase of real estate is the driving force behind the offshore economy International Criminal Court

The inherent futility of ES(G) investment Consultant’s point of view


Draft climate negotiation agreement expresses “vigilance and concern”‘Associated Press. There seem to be three paragraphs of text:

The fate of our planet depends on the complex diplomacy in Glasgow in the next few days.This is the right thing to do dialogue. Don’t be cynical, but “our planet” reminds me of “our democracy.” Let us not cover up material conflicts about ownership with an understatement of human unity, which the elites do not believe in anyway.

COP26: The shipping industry must be “upgraded”; Climate target: IMO director Greece shipping news

The CEO says climate is the biggest single opportunity in the history of the insurance industry NBC Finance Channel

#Coronavirus disease

The brain has a special memory of past infections Scientific american

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the association between self-reported COVID-19 infection and SARS-CoV-2 serological test results of French adults and persistent physical symptoms Magazine. n = 35,852.From the abstract: “The results of the study indicate that persistent physical symptoms after COVID-19 infection should not be automatically attributed to SARS-CoV-2; a complete medical evaluation may be required to prevent the symptoms from being incorrectly attributed to the virus.” Test is Serology, So a lot of work was done there “wrongly”. In a country with universal healthcare, this may not matter…

* * *

Our worst thoughts about “safety” slate. “Risk compensation.” Important.

You can only get back to normal after you test positive Atlantic Ocean (nvl). It’s worth reading.

One year after vaccination, do we always need masks? Bloomberg. It is important to discredit and slander all non-pharmaceutical interventions, so that when the next respiratory virus-driven pandemic strikes, we will not be able to learn the same lesson again.

* * *

De novo remdesivir resistance mutations during treatment of persistent SARS-CoV-2 infection in immunocompromised patients: a case report (Preprint) med??Rxiv (GM). n=1. From the abstract: “SARS-CoV-2 remdesivir resistance mutations have been generated in vitro, but have not been reported in patients receiving antiviral drugs. We introduce a case of acquired B-cell deficiency with immunocompromised immune function The patient developed an inert, long-term course of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Remdesivir treatment relieved the symptoms and produced a short-term virological response, but her course was complicated by the recurrence of high-grade virus shedding Whole-genome sequencing found a mutation E802D in the nsp12 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, which does not exist in the pre-processed samples.” General Motors commented: “Never underestimate the power of evolution.”

Remove SARS-CoV-2 and other microbial bioaerosols from the air through air filtration on the COVID-19 surge device (Accepted manuscript) Clinical infectious diseases. Abstract: “Before the portable HEPA air filter was activated, air-borne SARS-CoV-2 was detected in the COVID-19 ward, but it was not detected within a week of the filter’s operation; when the filter was closed, it was detected again SARS-CoV-2. Airborne SARS-CoV-2 is rarely detected in the COVID-19 ICU. In both cases, filtration significantly reduces other microbial bioaerosols.”

* * *

Moderna received funding from NIH and helped it develop a new coronavirus vaccine. Now it wants government scientists to abandon a lucrative patent. Wabo

Pfizer’s chief executive said that people who spread misinformation about the Covid vaccine are “criminals” NBC Finance Channel


Xi Jinping laid the foundation for a landmark resolution at the Sixth Plenary Session of the Central Committee, and the Chinese Communist Party is at the cusp of history South China Morning Post. Background information.

Lie flat and measure all costs Financial Times Alphaville

How long can China catch zero?The following is what the experts say Bloomberg

Medical wastewater treatment in the era of COVID China Water Risk. important. This is from 2020. Do readers have more recent data or anecdotes?


U.S. policy towards the Burmese military government The war on the rocks. Confirm with local people (1):

Confirm with local people (2):

Burma’s capital power office targets bomb explosion Irrawaddy

Telenor sells the Myanmar division to M1 and shelved it due to opposition from the military government Financial Times

The Communist Party delegation goes to the tomb of Marx and feeds the golden steak with salt vice. Deck: “Nothing is more important than the 2021 Yanba feeding the Communist Party’s official gilded steak after the climate change summit.”


Seoul will provide administrative services based on Yuan Festival in 2026 Aju Business Daily. I can’t see the point. If I don’t want to contact people, we have already provided customer support services over the phone.


New research shows that the black fungus epidemic in India is spread through hospital air conditioners Roll in


Iran wants the United States to guarantee that if it restarts, it will never give up the nuclear agreement Reuters. Maybe Biden can emulate Game of Thrones and take Hunter hostage.

Mapping Afghanistan’s untapped natural resources Al Jazeera


The Brexit chicken game will come to an end Financial Times

Euronext will abandon the London Stock Exchange liquidation by 2024 Reuters

Clear Corbynites: Four Labour MPs may face re-election battle Jewish news

The EU accuses the Lukashenko regime of “gangster” behavior in the immigration crisis Financial Times comment:

These parents set up a school application.Then the city called the police wired. Stockholm. More from Sweden:

Nicaragua’s election is a referendum on social investment policy State Intellectual Property Office

The representative of Chile agrees that Pinera needs to pass impeachment in the Senate Melody Publishing House

The Pandora document is back in the spotlight in Ecuador CEPR

Chile has a real trash fast fashion mountain microphone

Biden Administration

U.S. non-interference in Nagorno-Karabakh is one thing it did right Responsible country strategy

supply chain

The courier is broken. This is the way to fix it. sound. Lots of smart ideas, but the only number I see here is the boats at anchor. Of course, some smart labor economists can put forward throughput forecasts. Will the wages and working conditions of truck drivers and warehouse workers need to be improved? Most of the sources cited seem to revolve around a topic…

Our famous free media

The 1619 plan and the long struggle with American history Jack Silverstein, The New York Times.Try to identify criticism as the right to come from cranky, while erasing A comprehensive review of the Hannah Jones “Scholarship” on the World Socialist Website (Given the level of review, it is undoubtedly the only website that can fully cover the 1619 project). To be fair, the New York Times has many lucrative 1619 derivative products coming soon, so a marketing film like this is appropriate. these days.

College Lin

I am helping to start a new university because higher education has gone bankrupt Neil Ferguson, Bloomberg. Ferguson on “The Administrative Structure of the University” [sic] Austin”:

For those who want to know how a new institution can avoid being captured by the non-liberal-liberal institutions that now dominate higher education, I will answer that the institution’s governance structure will be designed to prevent this from happening. The Chicago Freedom of Speech Principle will be enshrined in the founding charter. The founders will form a company or board of directors. The company will not only appoint the dean of the college; it will also have the final decision on all appointments or promotions. In addition to the standard obligation to teach and conduct research, faculty members have an unusual obligation: to conduct the admissions process through the exams they will set and score. Admission will be based primarily on test scores. This will avoid corruption in many elite admissions offices today.

“sovereignty”? Really?like Sea stability?

Empire Folding Watch

Washington scientist admitted that the results of manufacturing steel strength for US Navy submarines for more than 30 years: take a “shortcut” because she thinks the safety test standards are “stupid” Daily mail

Class struggle

China’s road to common prosperity puts pressure on private enterprises South China Morning Post. The rich are donating to charities. But given that China is a communist country, maybe they can-listen to me-consider the idea of ??letting the working class control the means of production?

Truckers on strike in Asia threaten to increase chaos in the supply chain Bloomberg. It’s almost like the working class is…internationalized.

Worker-led alternatives in the southern hemisphere Grassroots economic organization

Video: Howard Schultz compares Starbucks’ selflessness to the selflessness of massacre prisoners Vice (Re Silc).

Politico recognizes unions and expands the wave of victory for media labor Bloomberg. Some background.

Largest psilocybin trial found that psychedelic drugs are effective in treating severe depression statistics

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