Cryptographic service platform Bitcoin Suisse integrates Bitcoin lightning technology »CryptoNinjas

Cryptographic service platform Bitcoin Suisse integrates Bitcoin lightning technology »CryptoNinjas


Bitcoin Suisse, a Swiss-based crypto financial services company, announced today that Bitcoin Lightning technology can be used in its crypto payment solutions.

The introduction of the second layer of Bitcoin solutions will provide lower instant transactions Blockchain fees Consumers and merchants working with Swiss Bitcoin and its partner Worldline.

Lightning is a decentralized network based on the second layer of Bitcoin. It uses smart contracts to create a secure network that allows high-speed small transactions and eliminates high blockchain fees.

Starting today, merchants working with Bitcoin Suisse and Worldline (a payment and transaction services company based in Europe) will be able to accept transactions through the Lightning Network.

Users will see the following benefits in the application and acceptance of lightning-based transactions:

  • Lightning fast transactions in milliseconds, instant settlement
  • Due to network speed, scalability and capacity increase
  • Competitive blockchain fees independent of network utilization

“Secondary solutions like Lightning add important use cases to on-chain transactions and are essential for scaling blockchain solutions. We will consider adding lightning support to other services we provide at Bitcoin Suisse.”
– Niklas Nikolajsen, founder and chairman of Bitcoin Suisse

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