Beeple’s Discord was leaked, time coincides with Christie’s auction

Beeple’s Discord was leaked, time coincides with Christie’s auction


The administrator account of Beeple’s official Discord group was compromised overnight, resulting in a decline in fake NFTs, and users lost approximately 38 ETH.

An administrator named “Multi” at Beeple’s Discord confirmed to the organization on November 10 that even though they had 2FA, their account had been compromised. The perpetrators continued to impersonate Multi and Beeple announcement robots to promote Beeple’s false NFT drop on Nifty Gateway.

This event is the most recent Long line Discord hacking that caused heavy losses to users.

Discord members are ready to expect Beeple to make a cheap drop on the basis of his latest auction, because he has done so before, and the raffle allows users to snap up his NFT for as little as $1. Fans have been following the Discord channel and Beeple’s Twitter all day for the opportunity to snap up some cheap NFTs.

Discord member “NFT Simon” told Cointelegraph that he has set up his Metamask wallet and is preparing to make a raid just in case.

Multi’s post after the hacking: Discord by Beeple

“When the post appeared on the official Beeple Discord, from the verified Beeple Bot and the verified administrator and the link to the Nifty Gateway website, I didn’t blink twice. I walked over and continued casting as quickly as possible,” he Say.

NFT Simon caught six Beeple NFTs—at least he thought so—but couldn’t view them on his Nifty account. Back on Discord, he was frustrated to find that the fake administrator was writing all capital letters.

“I received clear Gif from multiple naked men from multiple users. This is obviously a scam. Someone hacked Beeple’s Discord.”

About an hour later, the original administrator regained control of their login information, and the chat turned to take out the hacker’s wallet and report it to Binance. “Then we all watched them cash out our money slowly but surely, everything was too late,” he said.

Etherscan shows the suspected hacker’s wallet Only 9,121.54 USD remained, and 25 ETH suddenly moved. However, users reported losing more ETH.

The members of the Discord team gave different reactions today. Some people were quite calm and thought that Beeple would solve the problem, while others regretted that they entered “FOMO” without thinking.

“I still don’t have Beeple. I know Beeple once stood up for the community when we crashed into Makers Place. Who knows how or if he will correct these things this time. Of course I prefer six Beeples to my ETH,” NFT Simon said.

Beeple’s official account did not directly address this incident, but posted a sticky message: “For all newcomers, please know that I will never be like HEY QUICK BUY THIS!!!”

In response to the lack of communication, one user wrote, “A calm and understanding announcement will make things easier to accept, rather than a fixed message.”

“This is not a simple DM with links, but a major security breach without any modules that lasted for about an hour.”

Cointelegraph has contacted the Discord administrator for comments.

A post from the infected Beeple announcement bot on Discord