A dedicated team dedicated to exploring DApps, etc.

A dedicated team dedicated to exploring DApps, etc.



The social media giant Twitter is building a team to study decentralized applications, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain to further expand into the field of encryption.

According to a tweet on Wednesday, Interchain Foundation board member Tess Rinearson lead A team of this social media company is dedicated to cryptocurrency, blockchain and decentralized technology. Rinearson stated that her team will work with Twitter’s Bluesky project on a decentralized social media platform and “explore how ideas from the crypto community can help us break through the possible boundaries of identity, community, ownership, etc.”

The project called Twitter Crypto-not to be confused with Crypto Twitter, which usually refers to the community of crypto users on the platform-will recruit more members with engineering and product skills. Rinearson is headquartered in Berlin Said She has no plans to leave Germany, but will organize a “distributed and cross-cultural” team for the new project.

“When I form the team, we will try to figure out what encryption can do for Twitter, and what Twitter can do for encryption,” Rinearson said. “Twitter has truly “acquired” encryption (hello, Bitcoin tip and NFT!) but there is still a lot to explore here.”

The announcement was made less than two months later Twitter introduces encrypted tips for the first time Use the Strike application to provide services to its users through the Lightning Network. The platform has about 200 million active users every day, and you can also choose to add a bitcoin (Bitcoin) Direct access to their personal data.

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Square and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) also Proposal to develop a decentralized exchange For Bitcoin, many platforms and projects in the space are calling for the avoidance of some centralization issues.Recently, Daniel Buchner, the former head of Microsoft’s decentralized identity team, announced that he will become Leave Join Square’s technology company.