Truveta adds Ochsner, St. Luke and UnityPoint to the data network

“This is a critical time to join Truveta and become part of the solution to use our clinical data to advance care for our patients and patients around the world,” Melinda Estes, President and CEO of St. Luke Health Systems The doctor said a Press ReleasesShe said that large-scale data analysis can generate insights and provide information for public health and healthcare services.

Truveta also launched a data platform built on the Microsoft Azure cloud, which allows researchers and life science companies to analyze aggregated and de-identified patient data from members of the company’s health system. Truveta uses artificial intelligence to de-identify and structure data for uploading from the health system to Truveta every day.

The company declined to say how much it will charge researchers to access its data. Participating health systems can use this tool as part of their membership.

Truveta uses the licensed data platform for “ethical medical research”, and this information will not be used for advertising to patients or doctors, According to the companyTruveta said that researchers and life science companies can use this data to monitor the safety and effectiveness of drugs and medical devices, and to explore new uses for these products.

In a preliminary study conducted on the platform, Truveta researchers analyzed patient data to evaluate adverse events and breakthrough infection rates related to Pfizer’s BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines. According to Truveta, the project was completed in less than two weeks.

Less than 1% of fully vaccinated patients experienced adverse events, according to The discovery of TruvitaOf the 1.7 million fully vaccinated patients included in Truveta’s data, there are approximately 17,500 breakthrough cases. Among fully vaccinated infected patients, 9% to 15% are hospitalized.

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