The Medical Insurance Registration Blitz does not include the option to enter Medigap

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Yves is here. I admit that some readers have either passed the no return of the medical insurance plan or have to make a choice after many years. However, since I am about 93 years old, I am now participating in the seniors TV program, which shocked me at the continuous emergence of medical insurance advantage plans. When I looked at my mother’s card, it said, just below the name of the plan and all of her member ID numbers, the advertisement obscured something:

“Medical Insurance Advantage Plan-Applicable to changes in medical insurance restrictions”

There are also quotes on the card.

Via Harris Meyer.Originally published on Caesars Health News

The annual open registration season for Medicare is here, and millions of beneficiaries-driven by large-scale advertising campaigns and with the help of a detailed federal website-will choose the Private Medicare Advantage plan.

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