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Press release. Hollywood, California —— Riskie Forever is the famous creator of the iconic album cover art of “The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory”, and cooperated with Zelus on the stage of digital collectibles to create a truly unique NFT collection. Starting on November 5th, the 25th anniversary of the acclaimed album release, Zelus will release a series of 25 NFTs every day for 7 days, each inspired by the classic cover art of Death Row Records.

The series will use all new digital artwork, inspired by the original album artwork of Riskie Forever. Every day, Zelus releases different limited edition video art works, matched with real objects created by Riskie. The event will culminate on the seventh day with a 3D NFT release of the album cover.

Zelus creative director Dale Alexander pointed out: “Our studio is built on the idea of ??creating NFTs. These NFTs not only have potential value, but also have unique meanings for collectors and fans.” “There is nothing like celebrating one in a series. An iconic artist and one of the greatest people in the history of rap music is more meaningful.”

Enhancing the historical nature of the series, Zelus has regained the “Don Killuminati: The 7-Day Theory”, produced by Riskie in 1996, shared with Tupac a few days before his untimely death. Holders of Makaveli Forever Edition NFT will receive this unique history of Hip Hop. Other one The winner of an auction will receive a stained glass version of the artwork, original feedback instructions between Risie and Tupac, and a new 25day An anniversary work created by Riskie.

“I remember that I officially gave this painting to Pac, and I knew it was special at the time,” Risie Forever said. “Now being able to celebrate this legacy while creating something truly new and unique-this is a part of me that I am very proud of.”

Fans can explore the series by going Users link their wallets with OpenSea and can Ethereum And other supported cryptocurrencies.

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After becoming a graffiti artist, Risgie was Ms. Marta Faris: His high school art teacher brought his talents to the kiosks in the mall and achieved a certain degree of success. Death Row CEO and rap mogul Suge Knight introduced Riskie to Tupac Shakur, which changed his career trajectory. Riskie’s first project for Death Row was the insertion of Tupac’s “All Eyez On Me” album. Based on the quality of his first mission, Risie was once again commissioned to complete the album cover for Tupac’s “Makaveli: The 7 Day Theory”. Although Tupac never had a chance to see the results of the new album due to his untimely death, he still witnessed the finished product that Rich made for the album cover as a painting. The other members of the death row began to embrace Rich. He has produced several album covers for record companies, including “Death Row’s Greatest Hits” and “Death Row’s Christmas Album”, Snoop’s album covers and inserts on the “Snoop Doggy Dog’s Tha Doggfather” album, and Daz Dillinger’s “Retaliation” , “Revenge and Get Back”, and “G-Funk Classics, Vol. 1 &; 2” by Nate Dogg.

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Zelus is a one-stop shop for creating and issuing NFTs, providing all the expertise a company needs. From intellectual property rights to creativity to marketing to technology to investment, the company provides a full range of services from the initial stage of the idea to full production and execution.

Creative experts work with intellectual property holders to determine the best way to package their legacy into a meaningful digital collection. The team has a wealth of intellectual property expertise and can provide necessary advice to NFT issuers. The technical team manually casts the NFT, allowing dynamic functions, otherwise they cannot be obtained. Zelus marketing and creative teams work closely with IP holders to ensure that the NFT released is not only artistic but also commercially attractive.


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