Link 11/9/2021 | Naked Capitalism

Link 11/9/2021 | Naked Capitalism


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#CheetahCubdate #6: Smile with teeth Smithsonian (hairy)

Winners of the annual weather photographer contest celebrate the beauty of nature My modern metropolis

Prey consumption of baleen whales based on high-resolution foraging measurements Nature (guurst)

NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey have released stunning first images from the new Landsat 9 spacecraft Science Daily (Furry)

The “rare” slave house found in Pompeii PhysOrg (Chuck L)

Is this a scene in a sci-fi horror movie, is it a rare atmospheric phenomenon? Atlas Obscura (Chuck L)

A new dementia test asks more questions than answers wired. Resilc: “Who at the FDA benefits from it?”

Chile’s desert dump is a dumping ground for fast fashion leftovers Al Jazeera (resilc)

Well, the sample bias of people who took these tests:

The way out of the flying bottle: Wittgenstein’s 100-year-old “The Analects” Los Angeles Book Review (Anthony L)

#Coronavirus disease

Singapore cancels free Covid healthcare for those who “opt not to be vaccinated” RT (Kevin W)


We pointed out in 2020 that British data clearly shows that children are the main communication medium. Paper courtesy guurst: The elderly need to be vaccinated against COVID19. MedRxIV. It is frustrating to see the call for a vaccine when they have not taken too many measures to prevent transmission! But apparently no one wants to let their children stay at home or take more serious mitigation measures at school.

As we said, the United States no longer believes in collecting data, so: The U.S. is relying on data from other countries to make booster decisions FiveThirtyEight (resilc)

The new COVID vaccine design is easier to manufacture and does not require refrigeration MedicalXpress (Chuck L)


Rochelle Varensky said she would “fix” the CDC, but nine months later, she faltered state. Describes the depravity of the CDC in what Trump has done, when corruption started earlier.

Republican lawmakers missed their anti-vaccine rally after contracting Covid-19 Boing Boing (resilc)

COP26/climate change

COP26: There are more fossil fuel lobbyists than representatives of any country Consortium News

Forget COP26. The world needs COPPER 26 Reuters (resilc)

Large methane plume found near China’s natural gas pipeline Bloomberg

As the earth warms, ancient chaos and secrets emerge from the ice New York Times
(Kevin W)

The world’s largest hydro-floating solar farm goes online in Thailand Bloomberg (David L)

Every wildfire has a coal mine The London Review of Books (Anthony L.). “Where are all the ecological terrorists?”


Xi Jinping’s historical dream Asia Times (Kevin W)

Food safety in China: Beijing residents hoard cabbage for winter after warning triggers panic Buy South China Morning Post

Immigration, race and religion (not as simple as it seems!) Hunter (Micael T)

The return of EU austerity policies Thomas Faz

The next European war Ecological philosophy


The loss of Brexit is more than 178 times the gain of the trade agreement independent

From yesterday: Irish minister warns that the EU may abandon the entire Brexit deal Financial Times

Nowadays. But DUP is not a good source:

Police investigate suspicious Facebook ads after 12 passengers disappeared from the plane during an emergency landing RT (Chuck L)

Because of the insurgents near Addis Ababa, the war in Ethiopia has raised alarms throughout the region Washington Post (resilc)

Big brother is watching you

Robinhood security breach exposed millions of users’ data Bloomberg

TikTok Rescue: Girl uses silent distress signal to get help Associated Press (Chuck L)

It’s actually not a TikTok signal but Designed for victims of domestic violence seeking help:

Empire Folding Watch

Why is the Pentagon equipped with thermonuclear bombs for F-35 Popular mechanics (resilc).


Here are the six latest Trump allies subpoenaed by the panel on January 6 Hill


USA Today Poll: Biden is 38, Kamala Harris is 28 Mediation (resilc)

Veritas writer for the FBI raid project. .. Biden’s diary is missing? Jonathan Terry (Chuck L)

Jimmy Carter is surprisingly great Washington Monthly. Well, this came up when comparing Biden to Carter?

U.S. accuses Ukraine and Russia of major ransomware attacks France 24

Twitter tagged an animated video of a Republican lawmaker depicting him killing Ocasio-Cortez and attacking Biden as a “hateful act”‘NBC (Furry)

Russie Gate

The Gate of Russia has no bottom Aaron Matt (Chuck L)

Ray McGovern (Ray McGovern): People who correctly understand Russiagate and try to warn the public-in vain CovertAction Magazine (Anthony L)

Does the US government really intend to criminalize lies about Russia? John Helmer

Our famous free media

Indicator management is disrupting newsrooms and stifling journalism Jacobin (Micael T). Since last month, it is still closely related.

Wake up the watch

How Alan Sokal won this battle but lost the “Science War” Comments (Micael T)

MIT alumni: we cannot support a school that succumbs to a clear mind New York Post

supply chain

Saint John asks for material donations during the global shortage Buck Railway. It is true that this is on the flyover, so it is both remote and not a favored customer, but IM Doc has CEO patients and reports:

My understanding is that it will take us about 2 months or so to be completely exhausted [of aluminum]A large part of this is transportation issues in Los Angeles and Long Beach-but obviously, recycled aluminum must be made with some very weird equipment. And there are obviously no parts now. There is no clever old technician who knows how to repair the machine. At least not enough…

I learned from my orthopedic colleagues that they have to keep any number of patients in the hospital because it is not safe for them to do PT at home. No crutches. There are no walkers. There is nothing aluminum. This situation has been going on for the past 2-3 weeks or so. Not literally. The hospital has crutches it uses, but the supply is too low at this time and they will not leave the building.

Again, this is in his world, which is likely to be shortened first. But they may be canaries in the coal mine.

They executed people for South Carolina.For some people, it almost destroyed them Country (Dr. Kevin)

Mobile Internet and political polarization Nikita Melnikov (resilc). important.

Book corner

The most ambitious diary in history The New Yorker (Anthony L)

Po Boy Smart Suit (Anthony L)

Money Illusion in the 21st Century Peter Doman, The Economist

Class struggle

After years of legal battles, Manhattan Billionaires’ Homeless Shelter opened city

In Portugal, according to the “game changer” remote work law, it is illegal for your boss to text you after get off work European news. Resilc: “I will add an armed defensive rider who’holds the ground’ to the bill.”

Antidote du jour (Ian P).The Times insisted This is really a photo:

There is also a bonus, the human bass mule from Harvey:

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