FirstFT: Liquidity in the U.S. Treasury Market Depleted with an Unexpected Rebound

FirstFT: Liquidity in the U.S. Treasury Market Depleted with an Unexpected Rebound


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The trading environment in the 22-ton U.S. government bond market has Become less hospitable, Exacerbating the volatility of securities that are the foundation of the global financial system.

Data shows that liquidity—how easy it is for investors to buy and sell assets—has deteriorated in recent weeks, increasing pressure on regulators to improve markets that have long been seen as a safe haven in times of trouble.

However, according to a progress report released this week by a federal task force responsible for assessing the structure of the US Treasury market, regulators are far from having any solution.

this reportIt is part of a review commissioned after the U.S. Treasury bond market fell into chaos at the beginning of the new crown virus pandemic, detailing the reasons for liquidity problems in recent years. It also outlines familiar solutions such as increased transparency and supervision and central clearing.

It did not make any policy recommendations, nor did it propose a work schedule.

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1. Facebook Whistleblower calls for online harm control Frances Haugen warned that the European Union and the United Kingdom “will Missed a huge opportunity“If they do not expand the scope of the new digital law, forcing technology companies to exclude harmful content from their websites. She testified before the European Parliament on Monday.

2. GE will be split into healthcare, energy and airlines GE plans to break in Three independent companiesAfter years of hard work to deal with the model flaws exposed by the financial crisis, it actually ended its status as the most well-known industrial group in the United States.

3. EU accuses Belarusian President Lukashenko of using immigration crisis EU and Polish officials believe Immigration surge The Belarusian strongman Alexander Lukashenko is designing the eastern border of the European Union in retaliation for Brussels’ support of the brutally suppressed opposition in the country and trying to force the lifting of sanctions.

4. DoorDash acquires Finland’s Wolt for 7 billion euros DoorDash has reached an all-stock transaction Acquired Walter for 7 billion eurosThe Helsinki-based express carrier has more than 4,000 employees and operates in 23 European markets including Germany. DoorDash is eager to gain a foothold in Germany.

This transaction will be the most expensive acquisition to date in Europe’s highly competitive fast delivery market © AFP via Getty Images

5. Macron launches Covid booster for people over 65 French President Emmanuel Macron announced that Frenchmen over 65 will Need Covid-19 booster If they want to eat out or travel long distances from next month, this move indicates that all French adults will eventually need a third injection of the virus to live a normal life.

COP26 summary

  • this A sort of Found that the 2030 climate target is still far from the Paris Agreement target and will cause the temperature to rise Up to 2.7C by 2100.

  • A global agreement to eliminate New car emissions By 2040 Strive for support From automakers and governments, including the United States and China.

  • Global greenhouse gas emissions Agriculture and food production Have Up 17% According to United Nations data, the past 30 years.

  • about 130 fashion brands Promised Cut greenhouse gas emissions in half By 2030, but based on the current development trajectory, the industry will lag far behind.

  • US The Democrats participating in COP26 tried Inject a positive tone Enter into negotiations blocked by Washington’s lack of political capital.

The protesters held up signs:'We are looking at you!  COP26'

A battle is brewing over how long after COP26 ends to submit new climate targets to the United Nations © Reuters

the day before

Inflation data The US releases monthly inflation data, which is expected to show consumer prices Up 5.8% in October The year-on-year growth rate hit the highest level since 1990. Germany also released inflation data.

Rivian starts trading This Amazon-backed electric car manufacturer will List of New York Since Facebook’s debut in May 2012, this is the largest IPO of a US company.

income It is expected that ABN AMRO, Adidas, Allianz, Credit Agricole, EDF, Infineon Technologies, Marks and Spencer and Walt Disney will receive The full list is here.

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Shortage of GPs in England indicates the need for new models The much-loved general practitioner is a national metaphor.However, the rapidly increasing demand from people who need more sophisticated care, and fewer doctors providing this care, puts the model under pressure and drives the demand for: Overhaul.

“Brexit Chicken has a terrible ending to the game” Britain’s threat to reject an agreement with the European Union is undermining its credibility as a reliable partner. This is not only dangerous for the UK, Martin Wolf writes, But also applies to the European Union and the wider West.

The chart shows that UK exports to the EU have slowed sharply since the Brexit vote

The WFH revolution did not benefit everyone Older people continue to work longer—until the pandemic strikes. Now, an army of “Covid retirees” is heading towards the exit of the labor market. Sarah O’Connor writes.

Conflict in Argentina’s 57 billion dollar rescue plan is imminent As Argentina faces a deadline to repay billions of dollars from the record-breaking US$57 billion IMF bailout program, the left-wing government of Buenos Aires needs a new agreement to release more cash to alleviate the economic crisis .But President Alberto Fernandez is Strengthen his line Before the midterm elections on Sunday.

Asia opens up the subsequent Covid economy China may be one of the strictest restrictions on the African continent, but critics think Restrictions are still too strict In countries that have begun to open up, such as Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. “Political and for business, this [route] There has been controversy,” an executive said.

Do you think the restrictions on Covid where you live are still too strict?Tell us your latest thoughts polling.


The concert hall does not often sound the loud voice of the audience, but the Barbican Concert Hall did it last week.Tongue on cheek, lifelong Arsenal fan Mark-Anthony Turner Wrote a score describing the team’s victory in the league In the 1989 Liverpool game, it was screened together with the movie of the game.

'Up for Grabs' combines Mark-Anthony Turnage's double love for music and football

‘Up for Grabs’ combines Mark-Anthony Turnage’s double love of music and football © BBC/Tom Howard

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