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The elected mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, plans to make New York City a center of cryptocurrency and innovation. He said that we must open schools to teach cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and pointed out that Bitcoin is “a new way to pay for goods and services on a global scale.”

New York Mayor-elect hopes that the school will teach Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain

New York City mayor-elect Eric Adams talked about making New York City a center of innovation and cryptocurrency in an interview with CNN Business on Sunday.He also explained the reasoning behind his tweet, saying he would Take his first three salaries In Bitcoin.

Someone asked Adams: “Will you encourage businesses in New York City to accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?” He replied: “We will see. We have to be careful. We will do the right thing.”

He went on to explain: “I want to send a signal. This city was once an empire… This is the center of innovation, self-driving cars, drone development, cyber security, and life sciences. So when I talk about blockchain and Bitcoin When the currency was exchanged, the young people on the street stopped and asked me:’What is that? What is it about?'”

Then, the elected mayor was asked to explain exactly what Bitcoin is. Adams replied: “Even experts will face challenges.”

It is a cryptocurrency. This is a new way to pay for goods and services on a global scale. This is what we have to do: open our schools to teach technology, and teach this new way of thinking when it comes to paying for goods and services.

June, Adams promise His supporter: “One year, one year later, you will see a different city… We will bring enterprises here. We will become the center of life sciences, the center of cyber security, and autonomous driving. The center of cars, drones, the center of Bitcoin. We will be the center of all technologies.”

During the Obama administration, Harvard University professor and chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers Jason Furman (Jason Furman) also asked Adams to comment on tweets about him.

Responding to Adams’ announcement that he will receive the first three salaries BitcoinFurman wrote on Twitter on Thursday: “This is not only New York City’s poor economic strategy and poor investment decisions. [but] This also seems to have a conflict of interest. “He elaborated: “It’s like a mayor announced,’I will buy a lot of Amazon stock, and then formulate a policy to benefit Amazon. ‘”

Needless to say, unlike Amazon, Bitcoin is not a company, and no Bitcoin CEO can benefit from the rise of Bitcoin. Bitcoin, Adams emphasized that he was using his personal funds. The mayor-elect shared:

During the stock market crash of my retirement fund, I lost thousands of dollars in the stock market. Volatility is part of some of the investments we make.

“He has his analysis. I have my analysis,” Adams emphasized. “And I want to make sure that this city becomes the center of innovation, no matter what the innovation is. This is the meaning of the human spirit-as we push the country and the city forward, don’t be afraid to examine every area of ??innovation.”

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