Link 11/8/2021 | Naked Capitalism

Link 11/8/2021 | Naked Capitalism



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They took us: the tree migration Emerging magazine. Scroll down to skip the introduction.

Maine voters’ rejection of transmission lines shows once again how land-use conflicts can prevent the expansion of renewable energy Forbes. Or maybe people outside the state should tighten their belts like Mainers (because Mainers won’t get anything from the production line, but it will destroy the sights and pollute rivers and streams).Spanish owner of the project Lawsuit filed Overturn the referendum.

Taylor Energy Oil Spill: Stop the longest oil spill that you may never have heard of CBS.with Prosecute the person who did the cleanup!

Visualize the aquifer across the U.S.-Mexico border Highland News

Heatpocrisy: “Mining ban” exposes Antarctica to the blind ambitions of major oil companies Daily maverick


The survey found that countries’ climate commitments are based on flawed data Wabo

Climate shuffle superpowers Aksios

Every wildfire has a coal mine LRB (AL).

U.S. pot chases Chinese kettle on climate change Responsible country strategy

The world’s addiction to palm oil will only get worse Bloomberg

#Coronavirus disease

Adverse events in the active group and placebo group in a randomized trial of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine: a systematic review The Lancet (DJG).From the explanation: “Our results are consistent with the expected theory of the nocebo effect, and indicate that AEs related to the COVID-19 vaccine may be related to the nocebo effect.” Nocebo effect: “Patients with drugs or other therapies may appear The side effects or symptoms are only because the patient thinks they may occur. For example, in a clinical trial, patients who did not receive active treatment but were told what side effects the active treatment might cause may have the same side effects as patients receiving active treatment , Just because they expect these side effects to happen.” DJG: “Nocebo is a crazier phenomenon. It can be said that I have seen different cultural influences. Coupled with the panic in the United States, low social cohesion and lack of social trust and other issues- Look, the nocebo effect.” And put in one Public health agency This has lost its credibility, which is well-deserved.

Novavax completes the emergency use approval process for the WHO COVID-19 vaccine Reuters and Novavax will complete the submission of data to the FDA before the end of the year to authorize its coronavirus vaccine CNN

Is the flu spectrum extinct during the COVID-19 pandemic? nature. “Although the testing levels are roughly similar, the amount of influenza virus testing has dropped sharply from April 2020, a decrease of about 99% compared to previous years. Behavior changes (social distancing, wearing masks, and hygiene measures) and travel and movement Restriction is considered to be the main factor driving the decline in the incidence of influenza.”

The Sierra County Sheriff represents the people who went to church KOB4


China’s coal imports in October nearly doubled year-on-year NBC Finance Channel

Xi adopted Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping’s power strategy to lay the foundation for the third term Financial Times

Satellite images show that China has built a model of a U.S. warship Associated Press. Xi Jinping in the live model: “So how many drones do we need?” Industrialist: [gives wildly inflated number]. Xi Jinping: “Build twice as much.”

“The Battle of Changjin Lake” and China’s New Concept of War diplomat


Senior U.S. diplomat criticized for visiting Myanmar New York Times. Local comment:

Can defection destroy the Burmese army? diplomat


Lively examine the dietary life of the poor Blue roof


The victory of the Taliban ignites hope for peace in rural Afghanistan French Press Agency

In Iraq’s famous marshlands, climate change is subverting a way of life NPR


How Britain became the most self-destructive society in the world Omarhak

The secret history of Britain’s most popular dishes Financial Times

German man sets record for large amounts of herring salad German wave

French bishop prays for forgiveness for “mass phenomenon” of abuse European news. Well, at least they are not lizard people.


Biden called Nicaragua’s election a “pantomime” that was “neither free nor fair” France 24.I like that my belligerent propaganda looks more organic than it looks so bad Sudden. this Common suspect That stupid Cuban rapper has the same problem.

As Ortega suppressed dissent, Nicaragua fell into despotism New York Times. Comment:

From the Nicaraguan revolutionaries to the U.S. Embassy informants: How Washington recruited former Sandinists like Dora María Téllez and her MRS party Grey area

Lessons from the failure of Venezuelan democracy promotion Elliott Abrams, Committee on Foreign Relations.Obviously, what we need is more massacre, And Abrams is the candidate for this job.

Biden Administration

The Biden administration is finally trying to do something about the Republican attack on voting rights Vanity Fair

Racial politics in schools Matt Brunig

Gate of Russia

Severe blow to the Steele file New York Magazine

Ray McGovern (Ray McGovern): People who correctly understand Russiagate and try to warn the public-in vain Covert Operations Magazine (AL).

supply chain

We rented a ship with a logistics expert to observe port congestion up close and see how American greed caused shortages and empty shelves Business insider. Second visit to Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. “‘I blame 150 years of supply chain optimization,’ Nathan Strang, Flexport’s marine trade route management director, told Insider why ships are still sailing to Los Angeles and Long Beach.’This is a sign of their success, which has caused congestion.'” Worth First reading.

The gloomy picture of the paint highlights the depth of the supply chain crisis Financial Times

Our famous free media

Yes or no:

I think this is a wrong dichotomy, because the free enterprise media opposes “MAGA baby boomers or 4Chan teenagers on Facebook” rather than conservative corporate media like FOX and Sinclair. However, it must be said that Pravda on the Potomac and News on the Hudson have always surpassed conservatives. From today’s Russia gate, all the way back to weapons of mass destruction.

Within 37 minutes after the official announcement of “mass casualties” in Astroworld, Travis Scott continued to perform Houston Chronicle.Focus on the artist, not sponsor -Living country, Huge monopoly -It seems a bit sketchy to me because the promoter is responsible for the venue, including crowd control and safety. (The sponsor is probably also responsible for the number and composition of the security forces, such as Board the Houston PD Police.)

health care

Key points to reject Tower Health’s tax-free bid Buchanan-Ingersoll Rooney (Timothys).

This company sells passports to Americans seeking tax cuts on Bitcoin profits NBC Finance Channel

Empire Folding Watch

More than just a fire: Bonnie Dick reveals a chaotic navy War on the rock

The US Navy named the ship after gay rights leader Harvey Milk: transgender health experts smashed champagne on the bow, and the sister ship will be named after RFK and Rep. John Lewis Daily mail. I am too old, and I remember when gay liberation and militarism were seen as opposed to each other. Uh, all right. despite this.

Class struggle

Deere Strike postponed delivery of parts to farmers scrambling to complete the harvest Bloomberg. Deere’s payroll theft:

“This is a strike!” Wabo

Mattel’s remote job recruitment list says that bosses can conduct “unplanned visits” New York Post

How American leaders failed to help workers weather the “China shock” NPR.A bit late MEA negligence. It is worth reading, although the title “leader” is an empty term.

Is the brain of a London taxi driver the key to fighting dementia?Scientists hope that studying black taxi drivers’ memories of maps will make it easier to detect Alzheimer’s Daily mail

Toxic positives are very real and very annoying The Wall Street Journal (Re Silc). Yes, sheesh, I have to work hard.

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