FirstFT: The Fed warns that China’s real estate industry poses risks to the US economy

FirstFT: The Fed warns that China’s real estate industry poses risks to the US economy



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The Fed has warn The pressure of China’s real estate industry “brought some risks to the US financial system”, indicating that debt-laden real estate companies like Evergrande are a potential source of global contagion.

“Given the scale of China’s economic and financial system and its extensive trade links with other parts of the world, China’s financial pressure may put pressure on global financial markets through the deterioration of risk sentiment, pose risks to global economic growth, and affect the United States,” the Federal Reserve It warned in its semi-annual financial stability report.

On the domestic front, the Fed also warned that a “surge” in interest rates may lead to a “significant” correction in risky assets. In addition, a reduction in housing demand may lead to a fall in housing prices. As corporate borrowing costs rise, employment and investment may also be hit.

The U.S. Central Bank stated that it is concerned about China because the country “is still huge in corporate and local government debt; the financial sector is highly leveraged, especially small and medium-sized banks; and real estate valuations have been pushed up”.

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