Bogleheads podcast: encryption, tactics, proactive

Last week, I was a guest Bogleheads podcast by Rick Ferri. We have known each other for a long time (he is MiB guest In our first year; we also Speak in 2019 In the RWM office). We talked for several hours in several meetings. Rick has an enviable task to edit it to under 60 minutes.

We discuss everything from encryption to tactical portfolios to active investment to behavioral finance. It is worth your hour to check out.

Because we lasted for a long time, many things we participated in did not enter the final stage. Especially the fees. I see some resistance and I want to expand the fee structure of RWM.

First, we created a file called take off: US Join hands In cooperation with Betterment, we created our own investment portfolio and provided clients with dedicated advisors. We are far beyond the usual roboadvisor; the cost is 50 basis points.

Secondly, for other clients, we provide full-service investment and planning advice (including estate, tax and insurance planning and review). These are usually far below the theoretical maximum fees that we must refer to in SEC disclosures.

Third, we are very proud Milestone reward plan. We provide permanent fee reductions for customers who create and maintain financial plans for 3 years and avoid bad financial behaviors (you may have Read those here). All in all, our average fee is much lower than the typical high fee, which makes Bogleheads offensive.

Finally, consider free: In these pages, I have always advocated that anyone can invest for themselves as long as they spend time and energy to manage their own behavior. To help anyone who wants to become an investor in DYI, my team has created some of the best and most informative content—prints, videos, and podcasts—to help investors do this. This is not new or recent; we have been posting useful investment advice for many years before the launch of RWM.


I hope you find our conversation rich in content.

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