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Americans are flooded with cash and work.They also think the economy is bad. The psychological effects of inflation seem to prevail. (result) You can also take a look Why are Americans so dissatisfied with their economic prosperity There is a big gap between consumer sentiment and statistical indicators. It should narrow, but it may not disappear. (Bloomberg)

Bitcoin is too big to fail? Bitcoin may face systemic risks, whether they exist or otherwise, are worrying. The main question among these concerns is whether the collapse of cryptocurrencies, which is actually parallel and decentralized, will spread to the traditional financial system. The fact that so many exchanges and crypto intermediaries remain offshore and unregulated continues to cause concern. (corporate investor)

The 3 levels of FOMO Nowadays, the concentration of wealth seems to be happening at an extremely fast rate, which makes FOMO even more unbearable. It has never been easier to see how others behave in headlines, social media or daily updates of the richest people in the world. (A wealth of common sense)

Why the chip shortage has not been resolved As with any complex supply chain quagmire, there are many different factors superimposed on each other, which means that there is no simple way to solve the semiconductor shortage problem. Below is a breakdown of the reasons that might make it so bad. (slate)

If meat processors cannot find workers quickly, meat prices will continue to soar For an American industry that requires heavy work and is affected by the deadly Covid outbreak, hiring will only become harder and harder. (Bloomberg)

Bullshit on Uber Hubert Horan has been solitaryly exploring why the company’s business model is fundamentally flawed. (Mother Jones) You can also take a look Uber and Lyft believe that prices will now normalize.This is why they are still high. Gig workers’ benefits have expired, but in a tight labor market, passengers still pay more—drivers’ income is still higher (Wall Street Journal)

Why Facebook is more worried about Europe than the United States Unlike Washington’s ongoing partisanship on regulating social media, politicians in the EU and the UK are already on the same page, and they are about to let Facebook do something it has been trying to avoid for a long time: take legal responsibility for content. (politics)

The same story over and over again We have seen time and time again that preferences are fickle. When the economy changes direction, opinions that most people in society think are unimaginable will soon be accepted. So we really don’t know what policies we will implement in five or ten years. Hard times make people do and think about things they can’t imagine in peace. (Cooperation Fund)

America needs a new scientific revolution An extraordinary study found that a repurposed antidepressant may help treat COVID-19. The funding method for this research highlights a big problem and greater opportunity for the American scientific community. (Atlantic Organization)

Why can’t people send? Set the phaser to the stun state, because we will let you understand the physics of teleportation. (wired)

Be sure to check our Master of Business interview This weekend with Tom Gaynor, MarkleThe co-president and chief investment officer of this financial holding company is called “the next Warren Buffett.” From 2000 to 2015, Gehner’s average annual return was 11.3%, while the S&P 500 index of large US stocks returned 4.2% (including dividends).

Support for legal marijuana remains at a record high of 68%

source: Gallup

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