Wow! Reach the first goal with Warp Speed.The second point: support comments

Wow! Reach the first goal with Warp Speed.The second point: support comments



Thanks to our loyal readers for responding so quickly and generously! We achieved our first goal in 13 hours, although the barriers to larger goals were higher, and it started on the weekend. We have been so busy with the news stream that Lambert, the owner of the fundraising thermometer, hasn’t raised it yet. We will make sure that this happens on his next start.

We donated 270 donations to the fundraising goal of 1,100 donors. It is particularly gratifying to see that donations began to be received when the fundraising post went live, and received such a strong and stable response throughout the day. We have invested $805 for our second goal, invested in the comment section.

Your donation shows that you value this community and hope for a better debate and a better society, and are willing to invest in letting us do more to make “naked capitalism” your more effective spokesperson. If you don’t have time to give, Please visit our tip tank to support our effortsNo matter what you can give, whether it’s $10 or $1,000, we will provide you with daily insightful comments, analysis, news and cute animal pictures, as well as places to hang out with like-minded people.

Readers have been sending thank-you letters. From Elizabeth W:

Thank you very much for everything you and the entire Naked Capitalism team have done! I praise you to all my friends. Visiting your website every day is necessary to avoid the aggressive feeling I get from many other websites these days. My check is being sent from New Jersey, but I hope I can send more.

From E&T S:

You are all great! We cannot work without you. please continue.

And June Z:

Thank you for your work, it is the habit of reading resources, insight and entertainment every day.

Speaking of like-minded people…

Thanks to Jules Dickson’s heavy work, not only can comments be released faster, but Jules plays a vital role in adjudicating cases, which are usually discussed among all site administrators (for example, with Lambert and me) discuss). You can also see that Jules cleaned up broken links marked by readers, and sometimes mediated in the comments.

Therefore, we hope that you will not only applaud Jules, but also continue to provide funding for this critical task. Since the level of discourse on the Internet seems to be declining endlessly, more work is needed to make “naked capitalism” an oasis of reason and civilization in the media desert, where raising conflicts or even higher is seen as profit Way.

Therefore, if you appreciate the value of Naked Capitalism comments, please feel free to skip the rest of this article, Go directly to the tip jar It tells you how to donate by check, credit or debit card.Promote stimulating, powerful, informative and often witty debates among commentators

Management reviews always pay a price. In this sense, Lambert and I have always dealt with this process at the expense of other activities. The fact that we are trying to understate as much as possible does not change the fact that it requires real effort. If anything, the cost has been rising because we have to impose more module rules, considering the pressure of many people now, sadly, this means more reviews need to be reviewed. Therefore, finding them quickly is more important than ever.

Managing comments does not mean just dealing with review queues, setting and adjusting various rules (sometimes, you also know that although we have the best intentions, sometimes we still operate in a Skynet-like manner). This also means reading comments, usually multiple times a day, and intervening when necessary, sometimes to ease quarrels, sometimes as referees for debate strategies, and sometimes to clarify benign or malicious misdescriptions or misdescriptions of the content of the post. The reader said.

We also spent more time processing marginal comments than you might think. We often discuss these decisions together and look at the reviewer’s history to see if he/she is just taking a break, or if the review under consideration is part of the bad pattern we missed. That was before we started trolling and non-organic drives. (Fortunately, Skynet captured most of the robots.)

This oversight takes a lot of time to accumulate, but it is an important investment because it helps keep reviews at a high level overall. Our efforts also help to assure readers that they can express their opinions and provide important information as long as they follow guidelines designed to encourage not only communication but also high standards of accuracy and rigor.

The proof of the success of this method is that we have a real community in Naked Capitalism. Although it is generally believed that the quality of discussions on the Internet has declined, many voices can and do express their opinions. Naked Capitalism is even cited in journalism courses as an example of the kind of engaged audience that the main media think they want to have (if they stop paying attention to important advertisers and elite interests, they can have it). So in order to support these efforts, Please give now. Whether it’s $5, $50 or $5,000, all help achieve our goals.

Please note that even the fees we pay to Jules cannot cover the full cost of moderation. Jules is also overburdened, and we are looking for a second host and have identified a candidate.

We set a goal of $18,500, which, frankly, is only part of the review review fee. So please do your part and take advantage of it now! Tip Jar tells you how to donate by check, credit or debit card. If you do send a check, please send an email to [email protected] and indicate “check in the mail” in the subject line so that we can include it in our operational records.

Again, please invest in comments! This goal is for all of us!


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