The music industry ten years later

The old behavior is dead

Don Henry told the audience of the Eagles that this may be the last time they saw the band. Regardless of whether this is true or not, many of the legendary classic performances are in their seventies. Despite having plastic surgery, no one can live forever, nor will they. This will put nails in the coffin of rock music, just like the coffin that sealed jazz more than half a century ago. People still play music, but there is very little rock music.

People will no longer complain about streaming payments

Yes, it might be better to split with record companies, but the truth is that a dollar is only 100 cents. Once again, it is the oldest person making the loudest sound, and when they drive toward the sunset, their cries will disappear with them. As for young behavior, they no longer regard recording income as an end. When people talk about Drake or Weeknd, they don’t talk about the record deals they signed, or the money they made from the records, but their overall income, which comes from multiple sources of income. Young people see that there are many ways to make money today. Becoming a music star is the entrance to a large number of income opportunities. Their goal is to gain enough attraction and become a big enough star to qualify for these opportunities. As for the admirers, they have always been bitches and still will.

Develop live performances

Nowhere to play. So more behaviors will be done in their bedroom. The band is outdated. Nothing is universal these days, no. This means that there will still be hard rock bands, like the kind you hear on Active Rock radio, but people will realize that this is first of all about the track, and Lil Nas X is a perfect example. Changes have taken place within our entire country, and it is not just a pandemic that has caused this situation. The local bar where the band could start playing covers almost disappeared. Do you want to succeed? Write and record a hit song.

Popular song

It is the track that people know, not the track pushed by the machine. Regardless of whether they are in broadcast or advertising, the important thing is whether they are attractive and specific enough to penetrate the public consciousness. Of course, those who rank high in Spotify’s top 50 can become popular, but not everyone is like that.

Hype VS.Reality

The gap between the two will continue to widen. The younger you are, the less likely it is to be hyped, at least after you enter puberty. Today, so many people grow up in a TV-on-demand world without ads. They do not read physical newspapers. Advertising is something they tolerate online. However, if you want to win in online advertising, you must be gentle and truly meet the specific needs of surfers. To experience this on Instagram. Surf for long enough and you will see ads that make you think “this will help me”. As for the large-scale marketing activities that push things to our throats, they are not only ineffective, but they also have the opposite effect, making people stay away.

ESports growth

Football has caused too many injuries that our country ignores. At least many parents no longer let their children play football… Baseball is too slow and boring… Hockey has never received attention outside of Canada and Russia… Basketball seems to be fashionable It is fading, it will be played forever, but its popularity will be based on charismatic stars, and then again, even these stars will have less influence than ever… It all comes down to e-sports: action Fast, low barriers to entry, everyone is playing, anyone can do it. The key is that if you want to promote an action, attach it to e-sports. This is why the concert on Twi??tch is so grand.

Production is king

The bigger the show, the more production. The bigger the show, the less music. This is the Broadwayization of the music business. If you are going to charge so much for tickets, there must be a spectacle, and the audience must be amazed at what they see almost as much as what they hear.

The festival will flourish

We understand that their number is limited, but this does not mean that their power and revenue will not increase. Festival fares will get higher and higher. Just like going to an amusement park, roller coasters are well-known, but many people don’t know how to ride them. Many festival viewers don’t even see the headlines, but the ticket sales are the headlines. Festivals are the dream of promoters, and if they succeed, they will reap excess profits. Therefore, the price of the title will continue to rise. Will the headlines share total revenue? Some will argue that promoters will persevere, but just as influential behaviors get part of Ticketmaster fees, they will want part of the holiday revenue or holiday ownership! Especially if you want to start a new festival, those who help you gain traction will want a piece, especially if it is not promoted by Live Nation or AEG. As the festival spends years trying to generate revenue, the entity may Will be hit.


Once it’s cool to work in a record store, they don’t exist anymore. It used to be cool to work in a record company, but they are no longer a sacred culture, and their behavior starts elsewhere, and professionals absorb them. All actions are on the spot. Or on the Internet. You can create your own destiny online. The younger generation knows that there is no life-long employment and no one cares about them, so they always want to make money online, and traditional industries are behind them. You need money to be a promoter, but you don’t need money to make a label. The place where no money starts is online, where breakthroughs in platforms, activities and behaviors will continue to flourish. No one in the music industry has seen TikTok coming.

The game show will exist, but it means less

This is about groups, competitions, not music. This is one of the reasons why music competition shows only flourish on the Internet, and the Internet must cover the widest audience. No music competition shows are operating on streaming channels, no! Because online is about merchandise and not penumbra. When you slice and dice the audience, this is what happens in streaming, you have to attract a narrow niche market, and the truth is that fans of any type rarely want to watch these shows, they would rather just listen to music . As a result, the high salary days for celebrity judges will be reduced. Again, if you are a star, you always have power because you have REACH! Nowadays, it is almost impossible to cultivate a large audience and gain market share, so those who break through will be rewarded.

Strike action and then others

Due to talent and influence, the head of the tail will be filled with fewer and fewer behaviors and will be the place for all rewards. But music will continue to be filled with desired behaviors, barriers to entry are basically non-existent, and music is part of the structure of life. But streaming sites may eventually set up barriers to access their platforms. The 60,000 new tracks per day on Spotify is simply too much. Once again, Spotify and others may realize that the negative impact of prohibiting people from using their platform is too great, and they only need to pay for storage space such as YouTube, believing that this is good for business.

YouTube doesn’t mean much to music

People now regard streaming music subscriptions as a necessity. Of course, YouTube Music has gained subscribers, but it will never become a player, and most of its users only want videos without ads. In addition, YouTube’s ads may be normal now, but their numbers have increased and are unattractive to viewers… It may be free, but it is a bad experience. Every time I go to YouTube, I have to say do I want to subscribe? Imagine your phone service will ask you if you want to upgrade when you make a call or send a text message!


The share of streaming revenue to songwriters will rise. It is artificially low because the main label also controls the publisher, and they don’t care where the money comes from, as long as the money comes. But now so many publishing assets are outside the main label domain. With sophisticated investors/owners who want a return. This makes the songwriter’s dilemma common. When light illuminates inequality, change occurs. The British government report stated that the problem is not with streaming media service spending, but with tag spending/transactions. But now that the light of the publishing industry is shining, changes will take place. However, if you are a songwriter…that is a hit song. The days of paying rent for album tracks are now a thing of the past. Therefore, like everything else in the system, very few people will make more money, while everyone else will stand by. This is the story of the past 25 years. The value of all technology companies is high, but compared with the old blue-collar giants such as General Motors, the number of employees has decreased proportionally. As the business continues to improve, it will require fewer workers, not more. But those who survived will be generously compensated.


What gives you power and income is why the people who own it, like major brands, always have a place on the table.


It always boils down to hits. And combat behavior. This is the future. The distribution has been figured out, and now everything has to do with software. If you complain about this platform, you are either old, ignorant, or about to be replaced. There is a lack of popular songs and a lack of attractive performances. Breakthroughs are always unpredictable. In a world of billions, there are always people who do it in different ways. For some people, decoration is more important than music, sales and amazing factors are the key. But there will be some behaviors that only focus on music and will not complain, and their credibility will be the key to their adoption and success. Today everyone says yes, tomorrow’s paradigm shifters sometimes have to say no. These behaviors will not be brewed by the usual suspects, will not be hatched, they will appear to be out of nothing. But to be everywhere, you need help. Of course from the promoter of the concert. Online, you can do it yourself to a large extent, but injecting cash from a related professional can really help you improve. If you want to be a star in the future, you have to be different, not just in marketing. It is difficult to write a hit song and make a good record, but this is the starting point and the competition will be more intense. Talent and vision transcend boundaries and rules. Always have, always will.

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