The Onecoin Ponzi scheme is still making headlines because a report in a German trial showed that the missing “cryptocurrency queen” Ruja Ignatova used the proceeds of the Onecoin business to purchase a London penthouse worth $18.2 million. The Münster court’s findings stemmed from the trial of Ignatova’s German lawyer Martin Breedenbach, who was accused of money laundering.

“Cryptoqueen” Ruja Ignatova’s $18.2 million London penthouse-an artistic apartment, rare works by Andy Warhol

Luya Ignatova OneCoin According to reports, “Cryptoqueen” purchased a luxury penthouse in London through a shell company. Recent report From the BBC. The report stated that Martin Breidenbach is in Münster, Germany, and two other individuals are on trial for money laundering charges related to the Onecoin Pyramid Project and Ruja Ignatova.According to a report published many years ago, Breidenbach start working Use Onecoin in 2014.

Lawyer cooperates with Breidenbach Rechtsanwälte law firm Said The lawyer also served as the chairman of Onecoin Limited (Gibraltar) for eight months in 2015, and ostensibly also a partner of Cryptoreal company RSB Central GmbH (Switzerland). Breidenbach’s trial, as well as from British writers, BBC reporters and “The lack of a cryptocurrency queenThe podcast host Jamie Bartlett found that Ruja Ignatova’s tastes were extremely expensive.

Onecoin's $18.2 million London penthouse: a trial in Germany reveals the luxurious lifestyle of
Ruja Ignatova, the “cryptocurrency queen” of Onecoin.

According to the report, this four-bedroom luxury apartment contains many exquisite artworks, including a rare Andy Warhol work. The property was purchased by a shell company in 2016, which did not mention the name “Cryptoqueen”. Just before she rented her London apartment, Ignatova admitted to the German bankruptcy. Now Breidenbach is accused of money laundering after transferring 20 million euros ($23 million) to fund the property.

The report states, “Crypto Queen‘I did live in a luxury apartment in 2016, but I didn’t spend much time there. The owner of the property, as indicated in the deed, is called Abbots House Penthouse Limited. At the same time, Ruja Ignatova has been missing since 2017 and has not been found despite extensive searches across the globe. Onecoin is considered to be one of the largest crypto-related Ponzi schemes in history, and also the first.

In 2014, the law firm Breidenbach Rechtsanwälte stated: “In our opinion, OneCoin is a legal product”

German law firm Breidenbach Rechtsanwälte helped legitimize the idea that Onecoin is a cryptocurrency in 2014, even if it does not have a blockchain or Any similarities Any blockchain technology.

According to the law firm Breidenbach Rechtsanwälte: “Most countries recognize that cryptocurrency is a real commodity that can be held and traded by their citizens.” Opinion in 2014The law firm added in December 2014: “In our view,’Onecoin’ is a legal product limited to 2.1 billion (coins).”

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