Irish minister warns that the EU may abandon the entire Brexit deal

If London continues to threaten, the EU may abandon the entire Brexit agreement with the UK Suspension of partial withdrawal agreement, The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland has issued a warning.

In some of the strongest public comments to date, these comments indicate Full-scale trade war Getting closer, Simon Covinni told the broadcaster RTE that the UK is deliberately pushing for a deal it knows cannot be reached.

He said that Brussels’ retaliatory action will go hand in hand with any action in London. “One depends on the other. Therefore, if one of them is shelved, then the other may also be shelved by the EU.”

This triggered the specter of a broken relationship between London and Brussels.

For weeks, the British government has stated that it has the conditions to suspend part of the Brexit agreement due to huge differences in how to formulate a Brexit agreement. The post-Brexit trade rules apply to Northern Ireland.

Despite the withdrawal of the United Kingdom, the region remains within the EU Customs Union and the single market The so-called Northern Ireland Agreement Brexit agreement. This is to avoid the need for land borders on the island of Ireland and to protect the 1998 peace agreement that ended three years of sectarian conflict.

London has dismissed Concessions made by Brussels last month This will simplify the Irish Sea Customs inspection, saying they have not done enough, and refuse to accept the EU Supreme Court’s supervision of the transaction.

The Brexit negotiator Lord David Frost and the European Union Vice President and key figure in Brexit Maros Sevkovic held talks and will meet again in London on November 12. But even though Brussels said it was already very flexible, the United Kingdom said it was not doing enough.

There are growing expectations that London will trigger Article 16 of the Brexit agreement—actually shelving the deal or part of the agreement—and it is widely believed that action may be taken in the next few days.

Covini stated that the EU will view it as “deliberately forcing the breakdown of relations and negotiations between the two parties.”

The EU increasingly believes that London is seeking to disrupt negotiations Let the EU rewrite the agreement -What Brussels refuses to do. He said that this may eventually cause the EU to rebound, saying “Enough is enough, we are not negotiating with partners who act in good faith.”

“I think they are deliberately asking them to know what they can’t get,” he said, adding that London didn’t provide anything but just continued to ask for more.

Last week, Irishman Taisoeach Micheál Martin uncompromisingly criticized London’s position.

“Invoking Article 16 is irresponsible, unwise and reckless. If the British government takes such action, I think it will have a profound impact on the relationship between the UK and the EU,” he said.

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