FirstFT: With the spread of new cases, China’s zero Covid policy is under pressure

FirstFT: With the spread of new cases, China’s zero Covid policy is under pressure



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China’s efforts to eliminate Covid-19 are underway Increase stressOfficials warned of “serious challenges” in the coming months, with dozens of new cases reported over the weekend.

China’s National Health Commission confirmed on Sunday that 74 new cases of infection had been reported the day before, 50 of which had spread locally. The current wave of cases has spread to most of the country’s 31 provinces. This is the most widespread outbreak since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic last year.

These figures are at a press conference held in Beijing by officials stating that China will continue to abide by its strict Precaution Even if other countries in the region abandoned the zero Covid policy.

In China, host Winter Olympics In February next year, new cases slowed down for the first time to a trickle in mid-2020, and the authorities have since reacted quickly to the prospect of any large-scale outbreak.

Despite being the epicenter of the pandemic, China’s strict blockade and strict border controls have helped contain the virus. According to the British Financial Times, more than 2.3 billion doses of vaccine have been vaccinated-the highest in the world so far- Covid-19 vaccine tracker.

There are five more stories in the news

1. Elon Musk urged the sale of 10% of Tesla after a Twitter poll The head of electric cars asked Twitter users to decide whether he should sell $20 billion worth of Tesla stock and pay taxes – and the online crowd Responded Accompanied by a resounding “yes”.Musk’s sale promise was made after a proposal made by the U.S. Billionaire It shall be taxed on its unrealized capital gains.

2. Iraqi Prime Minister escaped drone assassination Escalation of attempted assassination nervous The political parties seek to form a new government after last month’s elections. The political faction supported by Iran believes that Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Kadimi is pro-American and has objected to the election results.

3. China and the United States urge cooperation on anti-cancer drugs Later this month, the United States and China will form an alliance in Singapore. Cancer research, Despite the differences between the superpowers during the pandemic. The alliance aims to reduce the time required to collect enough data to prove that new drugs are safe and effective.

4. Cricket defeat exposed India’s religious divisions India lost to rival Pakistan T20 Cricket World Cup It exposes the deepening polarization between India’s majority Hinduism and the minority Muslim minority. Several Indian Muslim students were accused of celebrating Pakistan’s victory, sentenced to jail and charged with inciting rebellion because of Pakistan’s cheering.

5. The Vatican loses 100 million pounds in London property transactions The Holy See is about to sell a building in London to private equity group Bain Capital, and the transaction is expected to be confirmed loss About 100 million pounds goes to the Catholic Church. The building is the core of an international criminal investigation that forced the Vatican to completely reform its financial management.

The Vatican is in the final stages of the sale of 60 Sloane Avenue in Knightsbridge, London for approximately £200 million © Tolga Akmen/FT

COP26 summary

  • ColombiaPresident blasts cocaine addicts in the West Promote environmentalism Consumption of a drug at the same time, the production of the drug is one of the biggest causes of deforestation in the Amazon.

  • for young Climate activist, Dissatisfaction with carbon emissions actions is spreading to wider activism Social justice.

  • Despite the promises of world leaders, law enforcement officials working in the region Amazon That they lack the resources and political support to fight deforestation.

  • US The Democrats arrived in the final days of the Glasgow Environmental Conference, but they have not yet passed Commitment measures.

the day before

travel After 21 months of travel restrictions, the United States Reopen Its borders to Vaccinated Travelers from China, India, Britain and many other European countries.

China The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a meeting in Beijing to set China’s agenda on their agenda Sixth Plenary Session. This meeting will ensure that President Xi Jinping An unprecedented third term The 20th Party Congress next year.

APEC APEC Ministerial Conference summit It opens today. Although officially hosted by New Zealand, the gathering will be held entirely online.

Facebook informer Frances Hogan Appeared before the European Parliament members of the European Parliament to discuss the negative impact of the products and business models of large technology companies on users.

What are we still reading

Global shoppers feel the pressure of rising food prices From France to Brazil, from Moscow to Brooklyn Eighth Avenue, food prices soared. Just before the Arab Spring protests, the real prices of global food commodity prices are now higher than their peaks in 2008 and 2011. This is why.

Nominal line chart, 2014-2016=100 shows the FAO Food Index soaring

How can Chinese tech giants cash out at the right time When Xi Jinping complained that ruthless family education had put too much pressure on Chinese children, at least two heads of Chinese tuition companies began to sell stocks in New York.According to documents reviewed by the Financial Times, there are dozens of other Timely sales By Chinese executives.

Bankrupt Lebanon regrets Saudi Arabia’s criticism Comments about the war in Yemen caused Diplomatic storm Between Lebanon and the Gulf countries. Saudi Arabia responded by banning all Lebanese imports, expelling the Lebanese ambassador and recalling its special envoy in Beirut, which dealt a blow to a country already in crisis.

Scroll TikTok to see the real stars in the workplace Social media has rewritten the rules.Employees can now promote yourself Like brands, short videos can help attract students who have been left out by job fairs, while many workers are quitting what is known as the “great resignation” job.

Do you want a raise? Courtesy of Grace Lordin Six life tips to increase income And tell us how to spot the prejudices that prevent us from asking for more money.


Just off the coast of Zanzibar, Chumbe Island It is a small but successful model of how tourism and conservation work together. Chumbe has only 7 huts, prohibits the use of disposable plastic products and works hard to hire locals, which provides a positive model for Africa’s ocean rewilding.

The cabins on the island were built with sustainability in mind

The cabins on the island were built with sustainability in mind © Sophy Roberts

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