10 Sunday Readings-Big Picture

10 Sunday Readings-Big Picture



Look away!mine Sunday morning Look at incompetence, corruption, and policy errors:

The Washington Post’s chilling report on the January 6 uprising-before, during, and after-was much worse than we realized, and closer to success than anyone thought.:

——red flag: Violence warning triggered riots in the Capitol (Wabo)
——bleed: When the mob broke into the Capitol, Trump stood up (Wabo)
——infect: The spread of false information in the United States (Wabo)

How Britain became the most self-destructive society in the world: When a society supports a literally nonsense government, things get very bad, puzzling mistakes (Eudaimonia)

We rented a ship with a logistics expert to observe port congestion up close and see how American greed caused shortages and empty shelves. I blame 150 years of supply chain optimization. This is a sign of their success, which has caused congestion. (Yahoo News)

How American leaders failed to help workers weather the “China shock” For economists, it is not surprising that China has killed American manufacturing jobs with its steady stream of cheap labor. But most economists, like most American leaders, believe that workers will adapt. Standard economic theory believes that uneducated workers who lose their jobs will move or retrain and find jobs in other places or departments. But they did not. Most people stay where they are and are no longer fully employed. (NPR)

Havana Butcher: How the Wanderer from Milwaukee became the chief executioner of the Cuban Revolution—and a test of American civil rights. (Returnees)

The funding needs behind many police traffic stations: Damaged taillights, missing license plates, tinted windows: across the United States, ticket revenues fund towns and cities—and the police responsible for detecting violations. (New York Times) You can also take a look Why many police traffic stops become deadly: The police officer trained in the dangerous hypothesis made a huge aggressive response. For hundreds of unarmed drivers, the consequences are fatal. (New York Times)

This is why rapid COVID testing is so expensive and difficult to find There was a silence for months. Mysterious rejection. The following are the reasons behind the shortage of key tools to end the pandemic. (Public Broadcasting Corporation)

In the most blatant Covid-19 cover-up in the world: secret funeral, a dead president Tanzania has denied the existence of this epidemic for months, although thousands of people may have died. The country is its hidden clue to the global death toll. (Wall Street Journal)

9 cities that may be flooded by 2030 As the global sea level rises, several major metropolises are at risk of being submerged (pause)

The baby died of syphilis.It is 100% preventableThe inability of the United States to contain treatable sexually transmitted diseases indicates the failure of the public health system that is short of funds. More and more newborns are paying for this. (Public Broadcasting Corporation)

Be sure to check our Master of Business interview This weekend with Tom Gaynor, MarkleThe co-president and chief investment officer of this financial holding company is called “the next Warren Buffett.” From 2000 to 2015, Gehner’s average annual return was 11.3%, while the S&P 500 index of large US stocks returned 4.2% (including dividends).

Find outliers in early childhood care expenditures

source: New York Times

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