Hello again, vault team!

We are back with a new promotional video, but this time let us make it more creative than ever.

Welcome to rename the strain

Have you ever wondered how some strains are named? Some names are very good at describing their genes, while others are more creative.

But what if I tell you that I will give you the opportunity to rename the strain? Yes, you can blink twice, because you read it right.

Our good buds are Green House Seed Company Your dream is about to be realized.

They are providing their already cool names Black Phoenix Feminization Renamed on our website for a while.

We will display it in this way on the website. But we are not done yet.We will choose the most original name, and then From that moment, in the next two weeks, there will be a 10% discount on the price of this strain, with We will reward the most original names with some seeds.

  • First Prize-1 winner-20 Black Phoenix Feminized Seeds
  • Second prize – 2 winners – 15 Dark Phoenix Feminised seeds for each winner
  • Third prize – 3 winners – 5 Dark Phoenix Feminised seeds for each winner

We will manually select the winner of this promotion, but you will vote for the one who deserves the first prize. The 6 finalists will be announced on Friday the 12th, after which you will vote for the winner before the 19th.

Participate and give full play to your creativity, so stay tuned!

Purchase promotion

The greenhouse also provides us with new hospitality! Buy any pack of GreenHouse Seed Co. and get +3 Cloud Walker Feminized Seed free. This promotion will When the stock is sold out.

About Green House Seed Company

Greenhouse Seed Company

Greenhouse Seed Company has one of the most impressive and popular seed companies in the world today. They have created wonderful medicinal and recreational cannabis varieties that can only be provided by them, with a completely unique aroma and flavor.

In 1985, Arjan Roskam established a greenhouse seed company in Amsterdam, and since then the company’s business has spread all over the world. They have won many international awards, including 35 High Times Cannabis Cup, 17 Highlife Cup, and some other national unique awards. With so many brands, it’s hard to believe what the reviews or websites boast about, but you can’t argue with international recognition. They even expanded to products sold worldwide.

They are totally obsessed with finding the rarest, most exotic and best quality strains known to exist in the world, no matter where they have to look. A brand that is so committed to quality that it comes from afar obviously cares about customer satisfaction and maintains their meticulous image.


  • Promotion period is November 5-19, 2021
  • One entry for each society.Repeated entries will not be counted
  • Verify the entry first, so your entry may not show up within 24-48 hours
  • The winners will be updated in this blog post by the deadline of November 19, 2021 + We will share news on our social media pages. Winners will also receive emails directly, and your details will be kept confidential.We will only publish your name on the blog provided with the entry
  • Prizes must be claimed within 28 days Otherwise they will be put in the pot for future promotion
  • The result is final

Legal disclaimer: The winners of the contest will send the prizes to them via audio delivery. If you win the contest but do not receive the prize, we cannot resend the contest prize, so you must make this request through the local delivery service (for example, in the UK, this will be Royal Mail).

remember: Sprouting cannabis seeds is illegal in many countries, including the United Kingdom. We have the responsibility to inform you of this fact and urge you to strictly abide by all local laws. Vault only sells or sends seeds for souvenir, collection or novelty purposes.


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