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U.S. companies have Two months implementation Officials announced that the Biden administration’s new Covid-19 “vaccine or test” authorization may face a fine of up to $130,000.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Osha) said yesterday that it will implement the new regulations starting on January 4, which will apply to any company with 100 or more employees.

Faced with rising coronavirus infection rates and slowing vaccination rates, Joe Biden announced the mission in September. “This is good for workers, and importantly, it is good for the economy,” a government official said yesterday.

The rule will force companies with at least 100 employees to ensure that employees are fully vaccinated or tested once a week. White House officials estimate that the new authorization will affect approximately 80 million people – or about half of the American workforce.

Due to the president’s September announcementMany major companies have announced strict vaccine regulations, including Delta Air Lines, Goldman Sachs and McDonald’s.

But Republican governors, including Ron DeSantis of Florida, are expected to sue the government later today to stop this request. However, US government officials stated that their rules will supersede any state law, and they have the legal power to do so because the pandemic is a national emergency.

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There are five more stories in the news

1. U.S. says OPEC threatens economic recovery The White House says OPEC + risk Endangering the global economic recovery By refusing to accelerate the growth of oil production, and warning that the United States is prepared to use “all necessary tools” to reduce fuel prices.

  • deeper: In last year’s presidential election, Joe Biden talked about leading the United States in its “oil transformation.”Now he is asking the world crude oil producers Extract more fossil fuels To keep prices down.

2. Tests show that Pfizer’s Covid antiviral drug can reduce the risk of hospitalization Pfizer’s potential Covid-19 oral antiviral drug reduces the risk of hospitalization or death by 89% Late test, It said today and confirmed that the trial was stopped due to the drug’s “overwhelming efficacy”.

3. Shareholders pressure SoftBank to initiate repurchase Sun Zhengyi, Founder of Softbank, Under pressure Shareholders, including activist hedge fund Elliott Management, will launch a new stock repurchase program. People familiar with the matter said the decline in the Japanese technology group’s share price has left shareholders “deeply frustrated.”

4. Emerging markets miss the stock market rebound in 2021 Emerging market stocks are behind Since the “shrink panic” in 2013, the economies of advanced economies have grown the most. In U.S. dollars, MSCI’s emerging market benchmark index is basically flat in 2021, including dividend payments, while the developed market stock index has risen by 20% so far this year.

5. IBM completes the spin-off of the IT service department Yesterday’s big blue Complete spin-off The IT service business that brought it back from the brink of bankruptcy. The newly independent services business (renamed Kyndryl) fell 7% on its first day of listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

COP26 summary

  • Colombian The president lashed out at cocaine addicts in the West Promote environmentalism Consumption of a drug at the same time, the production of the drug is one of the biggest causes of deforestation in the Amazon.

  • Yesterday, a flagship global agreement to cut coal use was broken. US Refuse to register And the text is weakened.

  • Gillian Tate has summarized Two factors This will determine whether climate promises can be fulfilled.register here Ethical Money, our sustainable financial newsletter, is published every working day during COP26.

explore FT Global Gallery: COP26 version, A digital exhibition reflecting the theme and goals of this year’s high-risk summit, featuring multimedia interpretation of FT news, thought-provoking films, interactive data visualization and exclusive commissioned art.

the day before

U.S. Employment Report The Department of Labor’s employment report is expected to show that employers 450,000 non-agricultural jobs added According to a Bloomberg survey of economists, the number of people in October increased from 194,000 in September.

House vote The House of Representatives is expected to vote on Joe Biden’s “Rebuild Better” bill, amounting to $175 million Package of measures To support the economy. There will also be a vote on the $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed by the Senate.

Brexit negotiations Lord David Frost, the British Minister in charge of implementing Brexit, went to Brussels today to have talks with his EU counterpart Maros Sevkovic. The background is Sour relationship Between England and France.

Live Q&A The British “Financial Times” capital markets reporter Tommy Stubbington (Tommy Stubbington) and the US capital market reporter Kate Duguid (Kate Duguid) will answer readers’ questions throughout the day (Greenwich Mean Time). Live Q&A.

Live Q&A: Where is the next step for bonds, central banks and interest rates?

What are we still reading

Voters in suburban New Jersey “rebound quickly” “I’m tired of the Democratic Party,” said Ray Ferraioli, the second acting hairdresser Standing outside his salon In Fairlane, New Jersey. He is explaining why he and many other voters in the state turned their support from the current Democrat Phil Murphy to the lesser-known Republican Jack Chatarelli.

Ray and Tony Ferraioli, the second acting hair stylist at Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Ray and Tony Ferraioli are the second acting developers of Fair Lawn, New Jersey. They voted for Democrat Phil Murphy in the state’s 2017 governor race, but they switched to Republican candidate Jack Ciattarelli this week.

Henry Kissinger’s severe warning to China Former Cold War Strategist Tell Edward Luce of the Financial Times Artificial intelligence poses a greater challenge than nuclear weapons, adding that the United States does not know enough about artificial intelligence to determine whether China is leading, or what it can do if it leads.

Global shoppers feel the pressure of rising food prices From France to Brazil, from Moscow to Brooklyn Eighth Avenue, food prices soared. Just before the Arab Spring protests, the real prices of global food commodity prices are now higher than their peaks in 2008 and 2011. This is why.

Rising Covid infections in Europe raise concerns about a new wave The World Health Organization said this week that Europe Back to the “epicenter” of the health crisisExperts say that the new Delta coronavirus sub-variant may be at work.

We need to talk about the tunnel vision of the technician Big Tech’s elite engineers may be very smart, but that doesn’t mean they are qualified to organize our lives. Gillian Tett wrote.


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