CMS vaccine authorization: House Republicans vow to fight for rules

CMS vaccine authorization: House Republicans vow to fight for rules


Two senior lawmakers said on Thursday that President Joe Biden’s new regulations state that healthcare employers must vaccinate their employees against COVID-19, or they will face loss of income from health insurance and Medicaid. Anticipated opposition.

The Republican Party will seek ways to block the regulation, including making it pass a Congressional Review Bill resolution vote in the House of Representatives to try to repeal it, senior member of Energy and Business Representative Kathy McMorris Rogers (R-Wash.) Committee and the Panel Health The top Republican representative of the subcommittee Brett Guthrie (R.-Ky.) said in a press release.

McMorris Rogers and Guthrie said: “During this pandemic, our medical staff have always been frontline heroes. They deserve our gratitude instead of forcing them to choose to obey the federal government’s orders or completely lose their livelihoods. “

CMS’s highly anticipated provisional final rule Providers who are instructed to treat Medicare and Medicaid patients (i.e. almost all providers) shall implement the new coronavirus vaccination regulations before January 4. Same date. These agencies will accept public opinions on the regulations within 60 days after the regulations are published.

Several Republican-led states Have or plan to file a lawsuit Oppose the federal government’s OSHA rules.

Legal experts say that CMS rules are more OSHA regulationsThe policies of health institutions are related to the rules of participation in Medicare and Medicaid, and COVID-19 vaccination requirements have been added to these existing standards.

The industry has questions and concerns about CMS vaccine authorization

James Hodge, director of the Arizona State University Public Health Law and Policy Center, said that the legal authority of CMS is broad and specific. “They do say:’If you don’t want to receive these federal funds, then you don’t have to. If you want, just walk away’,” Hodge said.

Congress can pass the Congressional Review Act to veto federal regulations with a simple majority, but even a successful effort will definitely face a presidential veto, which requires two-thirds of the House of Representatives and the Senate to overthrow it. Given that the Democratic Party has a majority in both houses, neither outcome is likely.

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