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Signs of effective “mergers and acquisitions” among innovative healthcare companies? How about a new brand? The company called “Grand Rounds Health and Doctor on Demand” merged in March 2021 and quickly acquired LGBTQ+ virtual care company Included Health, announcing that the company will grow as Included Health from now on. We learned about the strategy behind the name change from CEO Owen Tripp—and more importantly, how the integration of these three companies is progressing.

This quick update covers how the navigation plus virtual care company prioritizes the large-scale integration of millions of members-unlike other growth healthcare companies that Irving said, “the company has been acquired, but they have not yet been integrated.” From membership experience, clinician experience, and business models that support all of these, we understand the current status of Included Health, including Owen’s views on the increasing popularity of risk models among competitors Accolade Health and Transcarent. This is a traditional relationship between the company and Walmart. , And how small and medium-sized employers can increase the key areas of growth.

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