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If you are struggling to get the rest you deserve, consider investing in the potential of hemp-derived CBD to promote sleep. Based on feedback from nearly 2,000 CBD users, 9 out of 10 people reported that CBD helped them sleep better. Among the many respondents who reported good results, 89% also reported that CBD helped calm them down, 84% told us that CBD helped relieve discomfort after physical activity, and 88% of CBD users reported Said to help relieve mild or temporary anxiety.

Although 89% of the 2019 survey respondents said that CBD helped them sleep better, the survey was conducted before the launch of our CBN + CBD sleep tincture. Based on the results of our sleep study in 2021, 72% of study participants agreed (to some extent to affirm) that CBDistillery™’s 600 mg CBN + CBD sleep tincture performed better than any other sleep aid they had tried before good.

The physical and psychological consequences of too little sleep

Some lucky souls fell asleep within minutes after hitting the pillow. The rest of us lose too much sleep every week, tossing and turning, trying to make ourselves more comfortable. Whether it is caused by endless worrying thoughts or physical discomfort, the effects are the same, with prolonged feelings of exhaustion, inattention, and confusion. Current data shows that nearly 70% of adults will experience sleep problems at least once a week. 1

This is a shocking statistic. Although occasionally too little sleep at night is unlikely to cause irreparable harm, even a few hours of sleep a week will drain your energy, slow your reactions, and slow down your thinking process. Over time, harm to your body can increase your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic problems, and mood disorders, especially if too little sleep or poor sleep quality makes you too tired to exercise Or make time for other activities that you value. 2,3

Why do people sleep less than they need?

There are many potential causes of lack of sleep. Some people have difficulty falling asleep; others wake up several times during the night or early morning. Although the reasons for frequent waking vary, sleep experts attribute most short-term sleep difficulties to stress.

Once stress, changes in daily life, or the demands of a busy lifestyle begin to keep you awake, changes in sleep patterns can trigger a series of events that interfere with your natural circadian rhythm. Once the circadian rhythm is disrupted, it is difficult for anyone to get their sleep cycle back on track.

Why do people turn to hemp-derived CBD for better sleep?

Many prescription and over-the-counter sleeping pills can cause an alarming number of side effects. Some cause morning sleepiness or have a high risk of chemical dependence. They are not for everyone. The search for natural relief has led many people to use hemp-derived CBD, a cannabinoid with considerable health potential. CBD is non-toxic and non-addictive, and 93% of survey respondents have never experienced negative effects.

How do hemp-derived CBD products work?

The working principle of CBD is to imitate the role of the basic chemical messenger produced in your body and transmit emergency signals to its largest regulatory system, which is the receptor of your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Since ECS functions regulate everything from emotions and emotions to organ functions, the impact of this interaction depends on which basic processes can be supported by ECS to restore balance (homeostasis).

CBD is the most abundant cannabinoid in natural hemp extracts, but it is not the only cannabinoid with health potential. Full-spectrum (and broad-spectrum) CBD products can also provide you with more than 100 small amounts of cannabinoids. Among the many minor cannabinoids, CBN (cannabinol) has an affinity for specific receptors (CB1) that play an important role in sleep regulation. 4

You can benefit from CBD tinctures

Most people need 6-7 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night to feel rested when they wake up. Many require 8 hours or more. Although sleep needs vary from person to person, most people do not get enough sleep. When you wake up feeling tired, groggy, or disoriented, you may feel the effects of too little or poor sleep quality. If limiting caffeine, white noise machines, or counting sheep does not give you the desired results, please consider how to benefit from our CBN + CBD oil sleep tincture.

CBDistillery™ 600 mg CBN + CBD oil sleep tincture Specially formulated for rest and relaxation. In each bottle, you will get 450 mg of our full spectrum CBD oil, which contains 150 mg of pure and effective CBN isolate. The convenient spherical dropper can easily adjust your serving size as needed. As you browse the benefits reported by participants in the sleep study in 2021, consider how our CBN + CBD oil tincture can help you sleep better.

get Better sleep

Waking up at night and feeling sleepy during the day are signs of poor sleep quality. The same is true for other less obvious symptoms, such as memory loss, cravings for food, and frequent infections. Based on data collected from our sleep study participants in 2021, CBDistillery™ 600 mg CBN + CBD oil sleep tincture can help. An impressive 81% of participants said that they certainly agree to a certain extent that they get better quality sleep.

sleep Longer

Sleep latency refers to the time that elapses between “turning off the lights” and gradually falling asleep. Sleep duration is the total time you sleep. Long sleep latency can interfere with sleep time. Based on data obtained from our sleep study in 2021, participants reported that when using our 600 mg sleep tincture before going to bed at night, sleep time was extended by an average of 30-40 minutes. They also found it easier to stay asleep. 6

Feel more refreshing

Most people spend between the four sleep stages in a relatively predictable pattern. If your sleep time is less than the sleep time your body needs, you may eventually complete your sleep cycle faster to make up for the lack of sleep. When this happens, you will not feel rested or refreshed when you wake up. 7 During our sleep study in 2021, 61% of study participants stated that they felt refreshed in the morning after use CBDistillery™ 600 mg CBN+ CBD Oil Sleeping Tincture.

Wake up with good notes

Most sleep study participants have reported good results using our CBN + CBD sleep tincture. Although the only way to understand your system’s response to any CBD product is to try it, 78% of the participants told us that after the study, they are definitely likely to continue using CBDistillery™’s 600mg CBN + CBD oil sleep tincture to end. An impressive 82% said they might definitely recommend this sleep-specific CBD tincture to others.

To learn more about the use of hemp-derived CBD to support ECS features, please visit CBDistillery™ to download The Ultimate CBD User Guide Or listen CBD MOVEMENT podcast. Then consider browsing our selection of CBD tinctures, topicals, gums, soft capsules and CBD sleep products. All CBDistillery™ CBD products are third-party tested, Hemp Authority™ certified, and backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee.

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