The cryptocurrency exchange kit now exists in the new FortKnoxster Telecom Wallet app »CryptoNinjas

The cryptocurrency exchange kit now exists in the new FortKnoxster Telecom Wallet app »CryptoNinjas



Today, the security electronics teamEncrypted communications and encrypted applications FortKnoxster, today announced that their new encryption suite beta/soft boot is online. Users can now buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies in the app through the non-custodial FortKnoxster wallet. Users can also send and receive encrypted currency in the chat.

“In the past few months, we have worked hard day and night on this version-now it is finally ready for beta testing by our great community. Needless to say, we have done a lot of testing internally and with 3. In order to conduct a “real” test, we need critical mass, feedback, and input from 1,000 users.”
– FortKnoxster team

Features in the first Crypto Suite beta version:

  • Multi-cryptocurrency non-custodial built-in wallet in iOS, Android and Web
  • Integration with Coinify, which handles fiat to crypto (and reverse)
  • An extension of Changelly, which handles encryption to encryption exchanges
  • Supported blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Bitcoin
  • Cryptocurrencies: ETH, BNB, BTC and thousands of ERC20/BEP20 tokens, including FKX, USDT, USDC, etc.
  • Use credit card and bank transfer of fiat currency to cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC) to purchase
  • Crypto to fiat currency — sell your BTC and deposit USD, Euro, British pound and other fiat currencies directly into your bank account
  • PIN/Biometric Security Protection App lock and additional confirmation when using the wallet
  • Transfer/request/pay cryptocurrency to your contacts directly in the encrypted chat
  • Use QR scan/QR code to transmit/receive encryption to/from outside FK
  • Full wallet in FortKnoxster desktop web application
  • Integrate encryption to encryption exchange functions in all platforms (iOS, Android, Web)

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After the Crypto Suite is stable, the FortKnoxster team will continue to further enhance the application, including the following features:

  • Upgrade to professional version
  • In-app NFT
  • Website redesign
  • General FortKnoxster brand and image updates
  • Enhanced user experience when using the app
  • More secondary functions in the app (i.e. sending location, etc.)
  • There is more to be announced


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