The Grumpy Economist: Awakening Week

The Grumpy Economist: Awakening Week



The institutions of civil society are now completely politicized. “Awakening” is their ideology and religion, and mastering the ever-changing mysterious vocabulary is now the key to entering the elite class and ensuring that you are not the next person to be sent to the well-known Gulag.

I can’t keep up with everything in this regard. Nevertheless, I have been silent for a long time, so I think it is worth passing on interesting tidbits.

I encountered some projects on this topic on the beam last week, and it seemed very interesting to share.Published by the American Medical Association A 54-page official document Instruct all doctors to use the correct language. (Twitter Source with more comments. )

Please note that in other cases, this is more than just opinions-I am a radical advocate of freedom of speech and write whatever you want. This is the official opinion of a scientific professional association, which was previously non-political.


I found this document very interesting, and one of the reasons is because I think I have already said something.I thought remain Hand column is already the correct term. After all, they are already in a forced passive voice. I’m wrong! How many word salads are needed to read a sentence. Or… Finally, let an article be accepted by a medical journal.

This is very enlightening. Obviously, human choice and initiative will be completely ignored. People will not choose to use PPE or avoid doctors. They have insufficient resources.

I think it’s not enough for a bigger task to be passive. Every time, a specific causal external channel must be implied for each result.

Another capsule. If you think you will use the correct terminology on the left to participate in the teacher meeting, I have news for you. Once again, we added the passive voice, which vaguely implies that every illness is the fault of “society” and a specific “intentional”. Each.

Well, at least the description is short and clear. The “Declaration of Independence” ends here.

Every problem is unfair. I heard that the “minority” appeared suddenly, but I actually liked it a little bit. This means that this is not who I am, but the way you choose to call me. I think I will get in big trouble for asking to be called “white”.


Simple statements of fact are now officially rejected by the American Medical Association. If you doubt how I call this effort “political,” this will dispel that doubt.

What is shocking is that medicine, science, and society should now stipulate that every reference to simple correlation should include a specific causal channel.


Bari Weiss’s sub-stack provides A beautiful article by Batya Ungar-Sargon. It provides powerful insight. This article is mainly about what happened in the media, but this article provides a larger perspective. Batya noticed that this was mainly the work of wealthy coastal elite whites. Why?

… soberness perpetuates the economic interests of wealthy white liberals…Perhaps unconsciously, they seek a way to reconcile the inequality generated by their elite status with their sympathy for the unfortunate mood. They need a way to always stand on the side that they think history is right without having to destroy what is right for them and their children.

The moral panic surrounding race is the perfect solution…

This is how white liberals get to a situation where they are not agitating for a more equal society, but for a more diverse elite. They did not ask why our elite is so much higher than the average American, but why the elite is so white. White liberals did not ask why the working class of all races had so few representatives in the temple of power, but instead said that the working class who voted for Trump was racist. White liberals did not ask why the public school system in New York City is more segregated than the public school system in Alabama. Instead, they require diversity, fairness, and inclusive training in preparatory schools where their children are overpriced.

In other words, awakening provides the perfect ideology for wealthy free whites. They don’t really want systemic change. If that means their children will have to sacrifice their status, but they still want to be a society about society. The heroes of the story of justice, they still want to feel much better than their conservative or even slightly less radical friends. …

Racism remains an obstacle to American lives. But being sober is not our cure; it just redefines the problem and benefits the educated elite. By focusing on immutable characteristics such as race, the awakened moral panic enables economic elites to escape responsibility for their retrogressive views that elites should not only exist, but should also rule. …

Notice how “inequality” disappeared not long ago? (The same is true for women.) Doing something about this can be uncomfortable. Wokeness is an excellent and difficult to master belief in luxury goods, so it is a powerful class signifier. If you have not mastered the language, please try to enter Harvard (or Stanford). Awakening is definitely not socialism. The Marxists were stunned-they said class is important. Facing the actual systemic racism in public schools, it is much easier to pick up children from private schools, return to gated communities, put on shirts, and read CRT prayers.


Economics is only a little late. Our official professional association, the American Economic Association, Publish this information on their website.

Again, I am a radical advocate of freedom of speech. I have no opinion on the author’s expression of their views. Go ahead and write what you want. Write columns, blog posts, tweets. Add some facts and submit them to AER for peer review. You have a good opportunity for development these days. My complaint is that our national professional association, the American Economic Association, accepted this report and posted it on our website, thereby treating these views as facts.

NBER has a strict policy that you must not promote policies, even in your own work documents. In the report written for the agency, with the approval seal of the agency, the prohibition is doubled. AEA may have to consider whether political propaganda is also in its long-term interests. Can members of the association disagree? Can you write an article in AEA that provides evidence to the contrary? This is the official statement of the association.


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