Mythical launches the first batch of partners for its blockchain-based gaming platform »CryptoNinjas

Mythical launches the first batch of partners for its blockchain-based gaming platform »CryptoNinjas



Distributed ledger technology game studio Mythical Games announced the first batch of developer partner creators for Mythical Platform.

Through these partnerships, Mythical will help develop three new game money-making projects for its platform:

  1. Action strategy game from creative development studio Abstract game
  2. Racing games from independent developers and publishers Creative phone, The most famous is the nitro country;
  3. And developed TCG games CCG Lab, A leading digital collectible game video game developer, based on the beloved Cryptozoic Entertainment franchise, Cryptozoic Entertainment is a popular creator of board games, trading cards and collectibles.

Games built using Mythical Platform provide players with a way to safely and reliably sell in-game items to other players in exchange for real money, releasing the value of players’ money and time-based efforts, or the rarity of their collections in Mythical Transactions that provide proof of authenticity on the Marketplace.

The Mythical platform is built on a private side chain compatible with EVM, which protects gamers who may be unfamiliar with the blockchain through escrow wallets, while allowing advanced players to freely connect their own through the bridge between Mythical Chain and Ethereum and other public blockchains. wallet

By leveraging the Mythical platform to implement its proprietary blockchain technology and playable NFT, developers can improve by allowing players, e-sports teams, influencers, brands and content creators to become stakeholders of their favorite games Participate and start a new business model.

“We ourselves, as former game developers, built the Mythical platform to provide blockchain technology, game services and built-in compliance, as well as production support and listing consulting for partners who want to introduce the game’s money-making economy to them. Games.”
– John Linden, CEO of Mythical Games

Mythical Platform can be added to the existing game economy, or built from the ground up to the design of new games, and supports the management of digital asset transactions, payments, users and blockchain inventory management, making it possible for buyers and sellers to build digital assets in Confidently conduct transactions in an environment based on transparency, security, trust and value.

Mythical’s marketplace provides seamless integration with game inventory, and provides fraud protection, fee optimization, buyer and seller pricing recommendations, fiat currency and encrypted transaction exchanges, etc. The fabulous partners will also receive proprietary intelligence, market design and market intervention tools to enable easy and secure digital asset transactions.

To learn more about the Mythical Platform partner program, click here.


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