Flare Network will deploy AllianceBlock’s decentralized interoperability solution »CryptoNinjas

Flare Network will deploy AllianceBlock’s decentralized interoperability solution »CryptoNinjas



AllianceBlock is a project to build compliant and data-driven products that enable institutions to gain opportunities in decentralized finance. Today, it announced the establishment of a new partnership with Flare Network. This is a project that introduces Turing-complete smart contracts into all native Tier 1 blockchain platform.

Tightly integrate their mission to build a more participatory economy that connects the traditional and decentralized financial world. The partnership will see many technological integrations that will support Cross-chain swaps and increase liquidity Spanning two networks.


  • Flare will deploy AllianceBlock’s compliance and supervision layer to enable it to integrate new services including AllianceBlock’s Liquidity Mining as a Service (LMaaS), and help increase the liquidity of the tokens and DEX services supported by AllianceBlock. Together, these services will provide users of AllianceBlock and Flare Network with a complete, end-to-end decentralized financial infrastructure.
  • return, Flare Will benefit from AllianceBlock’s decentralized peer-to-peer financing agreement AllianceBlock Fundrs. By achieving smarter investment, lending and lending in the field of decentralized finance, Fundrs will contribute to the development of the thriving Flare ecosystem by attracting more DeFi participants and funds for its on-chain projects. This is after the recent establishment of a partnership with Graypes, which will also integrate Fundrs to facilitate users’ rapid access to the investment platform.
  • AllianceBlock Bridge is AllianceBlock’s decentralized interoperability solution that will integrate Flare’s Canary network Songbird. This stage will establish cross-chain interoperability for the two networks and lay the foundation for the implementation of our solutions in the future.
  • AllianceBlock DEX is AllianceBlock’s decentralized exchange. By using a newly designed automated market maker, it greatly reduces the current non-permanent loss risk in the industry. It will also be integrated with Songbird to help support cross-chain exchanges and achieve cross-chain exchanges. Optimize the liquidity of the network.

“At AllianceBlock, we have been committed to building relationships with the most famous blockchain in the industry and providing them with solutions that not only benefit their ecosystem, but also the entire industry. This partnership is due to various reasons It’s special, but what I’m most excited about is deploying our long-awaited DEX on Songbird, a scalable low-carbon blockchain that focuses on developing the DeFi industry in a sustainable and future-oriented way.”
– Co-founder and CEO of AllianceBlock, Rachid Ajaja

Recently, AllianceBlock recently launched a new technology route map It has a complete eight-piece product suite, including decentralized interoperability solutions, white-label liquidity mining activities, and trustless user identification.


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