Weed and witch

Weed and witch


You may not be surprised to hear that weed has a long history in the witch department. Since the most creepy days are approaching, I think it will be interesting to delve into the concept of the weeder. This has existed for thousands of years, and women are believed to have a sacred connection with this mysterious herb. Of course, marijuana is not always used as a recreational medicine, but in medicine and rituals. Women often use marijuana to relieve menstrual pain and help them give birth. Indeed, in many societies, men hunt and women gather herbs and plants. This means they learned herbal medicine and unlocked the secrets of plants. Today, to commemorate the upcoming Samhain festival, let’s take a look at how witches use marijuana in rituals and spells. First, let’s take a look at the goddess associated with weeds.


If you know a lot about paganism, then you will know that Freya is the ancient goddess of love and death. For several reasons, marijuana is often used to commemorate her. Can be used as an aphrodisiac, but also can make people excited. This is to celebrate Freya’s fertility and femininity in an erotic festival. It is also a harvest time during this erotic festival, which is why weed witches now harvest during Samhain. It is believed that Freya exists in the flowers of plants, and edible buds will fill you with her femininity.


The more spicy version of Freya is the Indian goddess Kali-Ma, the mother of life and death. She is the oldest goddess still worshipped today, probably because she is a downright badass. Well, I think she is a badass, I guess she should be a terrible person. Her multiple arms and a skull necklace and a belt made of human arms. Cannabis is used in many ceremonies to praise Kali-Ma’s almighty mother, and yes, some of them involve revelry.

So you will understand why cannabis enters witchcraft because of its connection with female power and the goddess of life and death. Sometimes there may be a little more death.


Let’s begin to see how witches and marijuana have historically been associated with these mysterious women. Not surprisingly, women in the medical world are nothing, and are almost prohibited from using legal drugs. This means that women tend to practice herbal medicine rather than mainstream medicine. For those who do not believe in medicines or cannot afford them, herbalists are a better choice. However, this does mean that they are technically illegal exercises. So, what do men do when they realize that these poor women are helping to heal patients to feed their families? Obviously they are called witches, and when men and Catholics come together, women will not have a good time. It gets to the point where practicing herbalism may cause you to burn or hang.

My research shows that there is even a connection between marijuana and the idea of ??a witch riding a broomstick. There is an ointment called “flying ointment”, which is a hallucinogenic ointment. People say that witches can fly on their bodies and broomsticks. Interestingly, even if this is true, this is just one of the reasons why we think witches are riding broomsticks. The other has to do with the prohibition on making marriage assistance, which has led ladies to look for alternatives in the form of broomsticks. However, these two stories came together. It turns out that women rub cream on the broomstick before inserting it so that they can absorb the cream inside. So anyway, these herbalists know the medicinal value of marijuana, which scares mainstream doctors and label them as witches.

Modern witchcraft

Of course, the threat of burning and hanging will never disappoint the witches. Until modern times, cannabis rituals are still an important part of witchcraft. It is used in many ways and it is very easy to perform your own weeding ceremony.

I recommend burning sage at night in Samhain to clean yourself and the surrounding space. You can perform this ritual alone or with your witch. You can set up your altar and take some time to breathe and center yourself. If you like you can also burn incense, I would personally recommend Jasmine, but whatever you think is the most peaceful. Once you are centered, you can get your joint or vaporizer and then click a few times. If you do this as a group, the act of passing the joints to your sisters will give a comforting sense of union. When it goes around the circle, or once you have written it down, focus on your mindfulness again before you write it down again. The important thing is not to expect anything specific in the ceremony. All this is to open your mind and let the weeds change your reality. Maybe you will experience an illusion like an oracle, or you will feel the vibration of the universe, allowing your thoughts to extend to the ether.

This is just a very basic ritual, more akin to meditating smoking in a spiritually clear space. There are various ways to incorporate cannabis into your daily practice.

If you want something more advanced, you can also create a circle with your party. Then create your altar as before and decide the energy you want to summon before starting the ritual. You can use the elements or personal emotional energy at will. If you have a blessing that you like to use, it would be nice to bless it while grinding the weeds. Pick up your skin and write your intentions on it, whatever you want from the ritual.

Light a candle, the color depends on the type of spell you cast, and only use it to light up your joints. Because it is Samhain, I recommend using black candles to eliminate evil and negative emotions.

Have a wonderful Samhain festival, my witch!

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