The best grains

The best grains


Today it is gray outside, I am full of fresh flu (a terrible cold caused by college students), I am eating a bowl of sweet and delicious mini chocolate Weetabix. This reminds me of cereals, which have always been one of the staples of Stoner’s diet. Then I started to wonder why this is so, which stone snacks are best for eating stone snacks, and how stone people who are not too hungry can use grains as a meal substitute. There must be countless reasons why weeds make you crave grains so much, so I will study the reasons and reasons. When we are here, we may also throw some grains to avoid. Who knows I can hardly see anything, and I have been breathing through my mouth for so long that my throat feels like a ferret filled with sandpaper. Let’s start!

Why do we crave grain when we are stoned?

Snacks tend to occur in certain strains more easily than other strains, but they are usually a major part of the stone-throwing experience. We have discussed several times how cannabis stimulates various brain receptors, one of which is responsible for appetite. So many times, when our emotions are high, we will want to continue to eat and eat, even if we are full, just to enjoy the food. There have been many times when I lay on the sofa like a little Haixiang in a sweater, and fell into a fluffy food coma after an overly stoned takeaway. So this is why we crave food, but why are cereals so popular?

Well, the answer to this question is nothing particularly scientific. There are many kinds of grains, low prices, easy to eat, and can be eaten in large quantities without making you feel very full. This is even a good choice for people who don’t feel hungry when being stoned but know that they have to eat something. It is not greasy, heavy or difficult to make. Put whatever you want in a bowl, throw any kind of milk on it, and you can start. Hell, I really like to put my claws directly into the box to eat crisp food. There are so many varieties of grains to choose from that it’s difficult to decide exactly what to choose, but let’s take a look at some of the most popular grains.

Honey Nut Cereal

Well, I’m a bit naughty, and put my favorite first. I am not only a big fan of the low-key sweetness of honey-flavored cereals, but in my opinion, they create the most delicious milk. When I was stoned, I think one of the best parts of eating cereal is drinking cold sugary milk afterwards. For those who like dairy-free cereal, these are still a good choice. They are also delicious and dry, and are perfect for being stuffed into your mouth like a hungry bear.

I will give Honey Nut Cheerios 11/10 because now I am suddenly working on a rating system. They will get extra points because sometimes the word nut is funny when you are in a high mood.

Lucky charm

Now I have never had lucky charms because I am a Scot and I don’t know where to get them. However, I have seen enough stoner media and all know that Lucky Charms is a very popular premium snack in the United States. For those who love sweets, they are a choice. I think the other side of these is that there is quite a lot of controversy over them. In my extensive research on the matter, I noticed some very divided opinions about lucky charms. Basically, if you are the kind of stone person who likes sweetness, mixed texture and a lot of sugar, these are all for you.

I will give them a 6/10 because I think I hate them based on my general preferences.


Due to the combination of textures and their dryness, this is one I had to include on the list. I don’t think it is a word, but let’s move on. Krave are those interesting little wheat pillows with chocolate inside. They didn’t do anything impressive with milk, in this case, cereals are the main thing. During the research, I discovered that this grain was originally released in Isreal. This is one of the best cereals and can be eaten without taking the milk directly from the box. I think this is my second favorite.

I will give this 9/10 purely because I really like drinking milk, which is not a particularly important factor for this brand.

Cocoa Pop

If I’m looking for classic works of making super delicious milk, then Coco-Pops is a great choice. If I want to eat sugar cereals at any time, these are usually what I want. Because they are just millet flour wrapped in chocolate, you can eat bowl after bowl without feeling full. This makes them ideal for those who eat when being stoned instead of eating out of hunger. These are not suitable for dry eating in a box with your hands, purely because if you are not careful, they are everywhere. Basically, anything delicious and then giving you a big bowl of chocolate milk is no problem for me.

I will give Coco-Pops a 10/10, partly because I like them, and the scoring system has lost all meaning to me.

Reese’s Puffs

These are great, I have them at a friend’s house for the first time recently, and I have to admit that I haven’t even heard of them before. I have always preferred Reese’s Piece, but this provides you with a lighter alternative, while also making delicious milk. The combination of chocolate and peanut butter is one of the most delightful Stoner flavor blends. It’s just a good idea to make it in cereal form, where it can be eaten with lovely sugary milk, or eaten in a shake. I will give these 10/10 again, because the honey nut cereal is the only good thing I think can get extra points.

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